Outside of keeping your car fuelled, clean, and in good working order, one of the main concerns for drivers is always going to be the risk of your car getting stolen.

Often resulting in the owner never seeing the car again, or the motor being joyridden and crashed, meaning it needs to end up in the scrap yard.

However, like with other types of crime, there are places where your car is more likely to get stolen with grand theft auto particularly prevalent in certain cities. But which country has it worst?

Which Countries See The Most Car Theft In The World?

The research was conducted to find 2,57,268 tweets including terms such as ‘car was stolen from cities and countries around the world, to highlight where people are most frequently discussing the topic and using the platform to try and locate their stolen motor, as a result of being victims themselves.

The tweets were ranked according to their location to reveal which cities and states are the worst hit by car theft.

Car theft
Image source: scrapcarcomparison.com

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Which Capital Cities See The Most Car Theft?

When the research was directed to find which capital cities in the world experience the most thefts. The UK’s capital London ranked in the top 10 overall, behind the likes of Dublin, New York and Rome.

Image source: scrapcarcomparison.com

Cities Affected Commonly In USA

Car theft is a worldwide issue, with every single country experiencing it on some level. The United States for one has long been a country where car crime can be a particular issue, with dangerous high-speed police chases becoming a notorious fixture of American news broadcasting.

Image source: scrapcarcomparison.com

Cities Affected Commonly In UK

Looking at key cities across the United Kingdom, it’s Glasgow that takes the unfortunate crown of the car theft capital of the UK, with more than 2,000 people taking to Twitter to tweet about their stolen car.

Car theft
Image source: scrapcarcomparison.com

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