Accenture is now a Leader in Implementation Services
By Ufaq Ashfaque


NEW YORK, July 2 – Accenture is now a leader in the category of implementation services, according to the research done by a leading, independent research firm Forrester.
The company has been evaluated on different criteria that together make Accenture stand at the top.
According to Forrester Research Inc, companies that have been chosen for analysis and evaluation are being screened under a number of parameters which judge the brand’s overall performance.
Accenture managed to score points on its core competencies of innovative projects that the brand has launched since its inception.
Research analysts acknowledge the suitability of Accenture solutions that are best for producing transformational, global and complex projects.
As a brand, the company stands out for the actual benefit and core product that it offers.
In addition to this, the market strategy, presence of the brand in the industry and targeting the right audience towards its portfolio are important and notable factors that together make Accenture a worldwide brand.
According to, the company acclaims the current standing of Accenture and promotes its ability to produce some of the most quality-centric, customized services.
For, Accenture has managed to re-define itself, becoming the world’s most technology driven organization, thriving on success with innovation and fulfilling customer demands in novel ways.


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