Accenture in collaboration with P&G wins the Most Innovative Outsourcing Excellence Award
By Ufaq Ashfaque


JULY 01, 2013 – Accenture and P&G secured the ‘Most Innovative Outsourcing Excellence Award.  This award was given by the Outsourcing Center, the leading organization involved in circulating information related to the best and the most contributive practices adopted by important players in the industry.

The award was given to acknowledge P&G and Accenture’s joint collaboration and efforts on a commercial service program.

During this collaboration, Accenture supported P&G by managing with different marketing strategies that the parent brand had attempted to execute.

These included digitized marketing campaigns, content for promoting electronic commerce and virtual reality centers.

Amongst the most valuable services Accenture rendered to P&G included PMaaS, which regards Project Management as a service, “Decision Cockpit” and Reporting Management Services.

PMaaS regulates the virtual reality centers that sync all services using 3D store environments.  On the other hand, the “Decision Cockpit” is designed to for the purpose of spreading and communicating a large amount of information across P&G’s business units, departments and establishments across the company.

Other important aspects that cover Accenture and P&G’s collaboration include digital marketing services for P&G, managing and initiating campaigns based on digital media and also establishing brand websites across the globe.

Such collaborations are not only worth recognizing, but also their ability to produce excellence beyond par is highly commendable.