American Business Forum, Ferozsons Laboratories Limited & PEL

The American Business Forum, together with Ferozsons Laboratories Limited and PEL donated 17 portable ventilators to Rescue 1122. 


These ventilators, known as Umbulizers, have been developed by Pakistani students at Harvard, MIT, and Boston University, and have received an emergency use authorization from the USFDA. Umbulizer’s are reliable, simple to operate, and portable that is designed to fulfil the need for life-saving ventilators.


Commenting on the generous initiative of ABF, Dr. Rizwan Naseer, Director General Rescue 1122 said, “I would like to thank ABF and others involved in the donation drive of critically needed Umbulizers for an urgent response to the rising COVID-19. crisis in Pakistan. During the current pandemic, health measures are a priority for the Punjab government and together we hope to overcome the crisis at hand effectively.”

American Business Forum, Ferozsons Laboratories Limited & PEL

ABF President Vaseem Anvar, reiterating the importance of improving the health care facilities of Pakistan said, “Keeping in view the current health care crisis at hand, health measures must be a priority for the government, firms, and the overall society as collective efforts have drastic effects. We at ABF believe that all businesses need to show solidarity and work together to combat COVID-19. “


Osman Khalid Waheed, VP ABF and CEO of Ferozsons Laboratories added, “I would like to thank all ABF member companies especially Coca-Cola, Ebryx, Echo West, and Ferozsons for their generous support in this initiative. We are also especially grateful to PEL for joining us in this noble cause. I am happy that we were able to work with the inventors of these to bring portable UMV 001 ventilators, which received emergency use authorization from the FDA, to bring devices to Pakistan and in particular to Rescue 1122, for immediate use in ambulances all over Punjab.”


Hassaan Sherwani, Head of Marketing PEL reiterated the importance of ventilators, “The current pandemic has brought the urgency for portable ventilators now more than ever. The battle against COVID-19 and other acute diseases can be won with these portable ventilators thus strengthening our healthcare system. We at PEL hope to help the healthcare department of the country as much as we can in the future as well.”


The donation of portable ventilators is a healthcare solution for critically needed supplies and supports Pakistan’s fight against the pandemic and other acute lung diseases.