Update: Sahir Lodhi has given a justification for the children who are performing in his show called ‘Aap Ka Sahir Dance Competition’ after social media expressed its anger in the form of backlash.

To clarify, he gave the example of a boy named Sufiyan and his brother who have a health issue.

The boys are not growing properly and have an issue, thus, they dance to earn money in order to take injections which help them in their progress.

Lodhi further added that he had noted something was wrong, and upon questioning his team members he found out about the problem.

He also said that the show will carry out all medical expenses for the boy for the entire year.

This justification was given as a subtle message for everyone to explain that while some children dance because of their passion, there are others who have to dance as it is their source of income to fulfill their needs, which is being completed on the platform.

While Lodhi clarified the reason for the children’s performances, somehow he failed to clarify why they are dancing on vulgar tracks and vulgar choreography.

We understand that at times children are the only support their parents have, however, do they really need to dance on tracks like ‘Chickni Chambelli’ and not more appropriate tracks like ‘Disco Deewane’ instead?

Watch the video below!

We are yet to see where this debate leads to.

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Morning shows are known to do absolutely what it takes to increase their ratings. From doing fake marriages on the screen to inviting people who have been married more than once, they have done it all.

Sahir Lodhi, on the other hand, has a show on TV One, Aap Ka Sahir, in which children are seen performing in a segment called ‘Dance Competition’.

However, those kids are not just randomly dancing to any song, these songs were chosen for them and they had rehearsed for them.

Unfortunately, what the parents of these children did not realize is that their daughters are dancing on vulgar songs on national television, not to forget their dance steps are also not suitable for children of their age.

After the Kasur incident where 7-yr old Zainab lost her life, many parents and siblings have bashed the dance show for displaying children especially girls, as ‘eye candy’ to increase their ratings while putting those children at risk of predators!

Social Media Lashes out at Sahir Lodhi’s Dance Show

It really makes one wonder how careless the media can be just to get more viewers on their channel, they are ready to go to any extent.



It’s about time we wake up and realize what we are doing with our children! Its time we stop encouraging our media to take advantage of them. Dancing is a beautiful expression of art, however, performing item numbers on vulgar songs at a very delicate age is something which is putting our children at risk.

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