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Following Aamir Khan’s remarks over intolerance issues in India, Indian social media has reacted rather harshly. Twitter has exploded with numerous tweets about the actor, causing hashtags #AamirKhanSoScared & #AamirOnIntolerance to trend.

The popular actor, Aamir Khan on Tuesday at Ram Nath Goenka Awards for excellence in Journalism in India, spoke about the intolerance issues in India. He noted that his wife Kiran Rao has recently asked him to leave India due to “insecure environment.” Actor Aamir Khan after his castigating comments has faced a backlash from politicians as well as from Bollywood Celebrities.

Aamir stated, “For the first time Kiran has spoken about moving out of the country. She fears for her child. That is a disastrous and a big statement for Kiran to make to me. She feels scared to open the newspapers every day. That does indicate there’s a growing despondency apart from the alarm.”

“You feel depressed, low, why is this happening. That does exist in me. India’s social fabric is not at its best right now. I am certainly alarmed. I feel there is a sense of insecurity, fear. It has been growing over the last six months. For any society, a sense of security is a must.” 

The superstar further stated, “Historians, scientists have had a view to express. Returning awards is one way of getting your point across. I will endorse any protest that is non-violent. Why should I represent anyone? If I have to represent someone why only Muslims, why not everyone? My birth may be in a Muslim household, but when I speak, I speak for everyone.”

Anupam Kher did not seem contended over the comments of Aamir Khan.

Despite a great zeal of friendship and interaction among both the celebrities, Anupam Kher shared his apprehendings over Aamir Khan’s comments in a pessimistic way.

Have a look at what Anupam Kher said:

Rishi Kapoor also had some advice for Aamir Khan

Raveena Tandon also commented on Twitter, but she chose not to refer her tweet by any particular name, but it was pretty clear who she was referring to.


Popular singer Abhijeet in his tweet said


However there were some people who stood by Aamir Khan including  Journalist Barkha Dutt and TV Anchor Manak Gupta

Shweta Tiwari on the other hand has completely abandoned Aamir Khan, In her tweet she said


East Dehli and National Secretary BJP Maheish Girri in his tweet said

Fans, on the other hand, showed unforgiving attitude over Aamir Khan’s statement