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Among the many successes of Toyota, Corolla is a prime one. It is one of the most robust cars ever made and you can see them in bulk everywhere. No matter which city it is, Corolla is a car driven on a massive scale! Now, Toyota has released an all-new Corolla Cross. It is said to rock and shock the market. Today, we perform a comparison between the variants of the cross itself.

Corolla Cross

As far as we are aware, Corolla cross is currently available in three variants,

  • Premium
  • Smart
  • Low (Base)

On April 10th, 2021, Toyota Indus Motor officially launched this vehicle. It entered into the automobile industry with such zeal and a bang that everyone was taken aback. Despite some people being skeptical at first, the vehicle has managed to gather quite a lot of praise till now. If we take a look at the three variants under a microscope, we might come across some noticeable differences.

new variants launched and comparison
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The Interior

If we look at the interior, all three variants have electronic power steering. As opposed to the Low variant, the premium and base also have cruise control. Similarly, where the first two variants have a touch screen, the third one has an audio system. So if you are looking to go a bit old school on the infotainment, then the low variant is for you.

If we take a look at the seating, the premium and smart variants have electric-powered 6-way driver’s seat. In the low version, all the seats are manually adjustable. While the comfort factor does not differ by a lot, there is a more premium feel in the higher versions. Also, the premium has a sunroof and leather seats whereas the other ones have fabric ones.

Corolla cross and premium
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Corolla cross smart variant
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Under The Hood

There are not a lot of differences in engine power when it comes to the three Corolla cross variants. All come fitted with a 1800cc engine with CVT transmission. Additionally, the engine provides a combined horsepower of 168hp and a combined torque of 305Nm.

Corolla cross and its variants
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Safety Factors

One of the most talked-about things about the vehicle is the safety factor. The premium and smart variants have a total of seven airbags, one for each passenger. On the other hand, the low variant has just the standard two airbags. All three variants have ABS, Brake Assist, and EBD as well as back parking sensors. The premium and smart Corolla cross also have front parking sensors!

new variants of corolla cross
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Price Bracket

The Premium variant is currently available at Rs.85 Lac whereas the smart variant costs Rs.82 Lac. If we look at the low variant, it costs about Rs.77 Lac. There is a considerable gap between the prices of all three. As we have seen, there is also a difference in the features of all three.

In the end, it all boils down to the user preference and their budget. If you are going for such an investment for this vehicle, then we recommend you to make a highly calculated decision.

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