A Holiday in Monaco: Travel Planner Guide


If you’re someone who enjoys glitz and glamour then Monaco should be high up on your list of must-visit destinations. It’s a sovereign state that only takes up a tiny 2.8 square kilometres, making it the second smallest country in the world after the Vatican; but don’t let that fool you, as Monaco has the climate, lavish lifestyle and captivating charisma to win anyone over.

Whether you want to win big in the famous casino, watch the changing of the guard at the Prince’s Palace or just relax with some drinks along the Riviera, Monaco has something for you.




High up on your list of priorities will probably be the Monte Carlo Casino. This famous building was built in 1863 and has gone on to feature in the James Bond films Never Say Never Again and GoldenEye. Inside you’ll find the different rooms decorated with stained glass windows, bronze lamps, paintings and sculptures, but you won’t find any residents of Monaco.

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That’s because the Monte Carlo Casino was designed exclusively for foreigners, as a way to gain money from rich gamblers and reinvest it back into Monaco’s economy. In fact, identity documents are even checked at the door to ensure that no citizens enter the gaming rooms!

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If you can drag yourself away from the allure of the casino then the Prince’s Palace will probably be another top attraction. This is found in a unique setting upon the ‘Rock’ of Monaco, and the stunning architecture is there for all to see. Luring people in is the Italian-style gallery, the Mazarin room featuring multi-coloured wood-panelling, the Throne Room, St Mary’s Tower and much more. People flock here in numbers to watch the changing of the guard every morning at 11:55 am so arrive a bit earlier to secure a good spot.

The Oceanographic Museum is another jewel in Monaco’s crown. Founded by Prince Albert 1, this museum has been educating people about the ocean for over a century. With aquariums, Shark Lagoon and Turtle’s Island there’s more than enough to satisfy those of you who have a love for marine life.


The Oceanographic Museum has even been known to open its doors to contemporary art, by hosting major exhibitions for prestigious international artists. The Oceanographic Museum has even been known to open its doors to contemporary art, by hosting major exhibitions for prestigious international artists.

Of course, away from the main hotspots, you can even just soak in the sun and relax while watching the many yachts sail across the Mediterranean.


Planning a trip to Monaco is simple as long as you have the money to properly enjoy it, just remember to sort out your travel insurance beforehand.

Monaco is separate from the EU so Europeans won’t be covered by the European Health Insurance Card, and it’s always good practice to be fully insured anyway. Monaco is a state known for money and flamboyance, so just immerse yourself and really take the time to enjoy it.

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