Celebrities appear flawless. Whether it is the camera lens, or really good makeup skills, we envy how good the celebrities look, wherever they go. If you too are interested in finding out the secrets of such timeless beauty, we have compiled a list of beauty routines and makeup tips that are religiously followed by the celebrities we so admire.

Halle Berry

The actress at 49, still looks as youthful as she did when she first appeared on screen. Her secret? Coffee. Not for drinking, however. She regularly uses ground coffee mixed with body wash as an exfoliator to smoothen out skin and increase blood flow. An easy to follow routine that can certainly be tried out.

halle berry

Kate Middleton

She is always under the scrutiny of media. She reportedly made use of a bee venom facial before her wedding. This beauty treatment is said to keep skin wrinkle free and youthful. If it makes you look as good as her, trying it out is a tempting thought.

kate middleton

Lady Gaga

How many of us are guilty of sleeping without removing the day’s makeup? Lady Gaga isn’t. She is well aware of the damage not removing makeup can do to your skin. As a result, she makes use of clear tape to remove every last bit of it from her face. We love Lady Gaga but we prefer sticking to our good old face wash and hope for the best.

lady gaga


The Queen Bee is absolutely flawless. She swears by using an eye cream as a moisturizer. Eye creams are much gentler on the skin and are better absorbed. Looking as good as she does, this routine is a must try.


Blake Lively

The blonde beauty keeps her hair tangle and stress-free with the help of mayonnaise. Yes, you read that right. A mixture of eggs and oil, mayo has the power to deeply condition the hair. Have to add, this one routine we have personally tried and tested and given a thumbs up!

blake lively

Victoria Beckham

If the list was too ordinary for you, here’s a kicker. Victoria Beckham takes help from birds specifically nightingale poop to keep her skin tight and free from wrinkles. The facial is known the Geisha facial and costs a whopping £180. Reportedly this treatment is also used by Tom Cruise. We, however, believe in aging gracefully and accepting our wrinkles.

victoria beckham

Scarlett Johansson

To keep her skin beautiful and clear, Scarlett Johansson foregoes cleansers and instead uses apple cider vinegar. Free of chemicals and with numerous health benefits apple cider vinegar is safe to use and helps heal breakouts and prevent more from happening.


Sienna Miller

Her hair is the envy of millions. Her secret? Ketchup. To fix the color of her hair, the beauty takes help of the kitchen essential. As for us, we would rather use it to dip more fries.


Eva Mendes

The Latin goddess Eva Mendes keeps her hair shiny and glossy by leaving her conditioner overnight and rinsing it the next day. Her hair is to die for. The routine however we are a little afraid to attempt.


Which beauty routine do you think you can try?

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