Ahhhhhhh school! The one word which reminds us of the best and worst time of our lives, er!

Those 11 years where friendships are forged forever or broken so beyond repair that one cannot even look at each at each other for the remainder of the school years. Of course school time is not all about friendships or the best samosa’s it was also about those teachers who made us who we are today.


Some of those teachers are the reasons we are where we are and have everything to be thankful for, others who scarred us for life, well not so much. However, there are certain types of teachers one comes across pretty much in every school. Have you come across the following types:

1.     The Ancient One

No one knows when he/ started off teaching at the school or who old she/he is. All anyone knows is that she has been there since…  forever. She probably taught your mother and your elder siblings and she is now teaching you. Chances are your younger ones will be taught by her too.

2.     The Dictator

The one with the perfectly coiffed hair and red lipstick, usually seen walking around with her head held high. Her classes are usually the ones with the deadly ‘ pin drop silence’ mode and a string of students standing outside for creating disturbance in the classroom.

3.     The Oversharing One

She’s the ultimate time waster teacher of the school. Known for telling elaborate cat and dog stories or the driver who just won’t stick around, the over-sharing teachers are ideal for those who really are never in the mood to study much.

4.     The Funny One

This one is the life and soul of the school and everyone wants to be a part of their class. And if you’re the lucky one who does get assigned to their classroom, well you’ve got a year full of amazing jokes and never ending fun classes to look forward to.

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5.     The Overworked One

This is one of those teachers who just doesn’t have the time. Probably seen walking around with a bunch of papers in their hand all the time and have a pile on their desk ready to be checked. Frazzled hair and tea stains on papers are a must for these.

6.     The Substitute

These come once in a while. Usually filling in for a sick one, for a couple of days or for months. They try to assert their authority and more or less fail.

7.     The Coach

Not many of us come across teachers who can simultaneously teach you how to play baseball all the while teaching you geography. The classroom is also their field and a little bit of non-attention can get you a piece of chalk to the head.


8.     The Shakespeare

Every school has one of these. Their life and mission is to keep Shakespeare as much alive as possible. These are usually your literature teachers who can always be seen surrounded by a bunch of students in the off time with a book and deep intense Hamlet vs Twelfth Night discussion.

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