With Independence Day 2016 just around the corner, it seems apt to count down all the different kind of ‘patriotic’ people we see this time of the year. We all have them in our social circle, from the most prominent Pakistan lover who blasts the age old ‘Milli Naghme’ aka patriotic songs in his car to the least bothered Pakistani who only puts up the mandatory Independence Day status because well… its Pakistan’s birthday. And in case you can’t find one, it just might be you!

Take a look below:

1. The Loud Pakistani

bike resize

This guy loves roaming around on his bike on Independence Day without a silencer, treating everyone to the painful noise of his motorbike. No need to look out for him. You’ll hear his bike from 2 streets away!

Dedicated to the Pakistanis who like to show their admiration to the struggles of our forefathers through their dismantled automobile parts, per say, an ironically loud ‘silencer’. This group of extraordinary men seem to think that people lose their audible senses on the big day.

2. The Flagged Pakistani


She is green, she is mean, she is a Paki-machine! She has clothes made in the style of the national flag, complete with the crescent moon and five-pointed star. Her face is painted with the flag and her nails painted white. And she still feels the need to wear a Pakistani flag badge! You can see her coming from a mile away!

3. The Social Media Pakistani


This person has the flag plastered on every social media platform. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, SoundCloud, LinkedIn – you name it! Your Newsfeed will be full of quotes from Jinnah and other national heroes.

4. The Discount Hunting Pakistani


This girl’s definition of celebrating Pakistan’s Independence Day is limited to cashing in on all the discounts by Khaadi, Gul Ahmed, J. and other brands. And after all that shopping, they go to avail the biggest and best offers at the various eateries and cafes around town! How do you spot this one? Easy! Just check their Facebook check in!

5. The Political Pakistani


When everyone is singing the national anthem and patriotic songs, this guy’s track-list has the songs of the political party he belongs to.

6. The Plain Weird Pakistani


When all of us are decorating our homes with flags and buntings, there is always that one weirdo who paints his car or his house in the national colors. And then he expects everyone to love it!

7. The Paindu Pakistani


Eyes lined with green eyeliner and the not so subtle blush, matched with the glittery green and white bangles, this girl is the epitome of so-called desi bling! Warning! The clinking of her bangles means she’s on her way!

8. The 9 O’ Clock Pakistani


Then there are those guys whose ‘patriotism’ shows only when it’s time to switch the news on at 9 and watch through till 12. They eat and breathe the national news channels and talk shows.

Happy 69th Independence Day Pakistanis!


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