Every month, us ladies need to take time out of our lives for visiting the salons. It is definitely a place where we transform into our pretty selves but it is also a place where we meet highly opinionated people. Here are 10 things that every lady hears while visiting beauty salons.

Your Hair Needs Cutting.

Whether you’re there for a facial or some threading, your hair will ultimately become the subject of your beautician’s attention. If you aren’t too careful, she will end up giving you a haircut even when you don’t want one.


Why Don’t You Color Your Hair?

As if you need to add one more reason to her list of reasons to visit the salon. Dying someone’s hair is serious business if a person hasn’t touched their natural hair color, it is probably because they like it so, not every female who doesn’t need to dye her hair should have it dyed.

Who did Your Eyebrows? Man, they are screwed.

Incorrectly shaped eyebrows have been the cause of many stressful nights for a lot of women. With one eyebrow in the shape of an arch and the other shaped like a dome, many women have been brought to tears. On your very first visit to a parlor for threading, questions like, ‘Who did your Eyebrows?’ and statements like, ‘Your eyebrows need a lot of fixing.’ are quite common.

Why have you let your eyebrows go bushy?

Urm…because I didn’t have time to visit the parlor until now. When we go to a salon we seriously don’t need to be reminded why we are there in the first place.

Your Skin Needs Help

This is the one thing that no woman wants to hear, that her skin is not good enough. This is an excellent way for parlors to get the women into a frenzy about their looks and then have them come in for facials and special skin treatments made by the parlor itself.

Avail Our Packages

After availing a couple of these, I can tell you with complete confidence that you end up spending on things you didn’t want to in the first place. Unless, the packages offer all that you wanted to get done before viewing the deals, please don’t avail them.

Why don’t you visit our experts?

Yes, every parlor will dangle this in front of you. The option to visit their experts at a certain fees for some consultation. After listening to comments about their skins, a lot of women are admittedly pushed into making these appointments.

Come visit us every month!

The parlors that have membership plans start coaxing you into buying one the moment you step into their door. And they tend to bring up the importance of visiting the parlor every month, time and again during your visit. And this gets sorely annoying by the end.