game show aisay chalay ga

We agree that some talents are inborn, they are a part of your genes. However, not everyone can do everything. After enjoying fame for a couple of years, there are some stars who need to sit back on a couch with a hot cup of coffee and just relax!

But, it seems that some Pakistani celebrities utterly refuse to ponder over this life-changing dilemma and are eager to over-do their current jobs.

Here are a few Pakistani superstars who we think should retire as soon possible.

1) Shehroz Sabzwari

Son of the legendary actor Behroze Sabzwari has so far acted in so many plays and dramas but is still not as successful as he should be by now. His film, Chain Aye Na has not fared so well either at the box office.

2) Wahab Riaz

The very sound of his name in the team squad can cause a sudden rise in blood pressure of many. His aggressive game-play turns the tables around, but obviously for the other team.

3) Sahir Lodhi

Shahrukh Khan’s dupe, Sahir Lodhi should consider resignation as soon as possible. With poor acting skills, poor dancing skills, and then the cherry on top, his Ramadan transmission melodrama proves his needs to bid farewell to entertainment. We think he should go back home and enjoy a blissful life of peace and comfort.

4) Meera

Famed for her amusing English speaking talent, Meera Jee should surely retire. This beautiful actress has always been like a slice of pickle in the entertainment industry. Recently, she has been depicting great sarcasm on Twitter and she’s really good at it. Meera should continue with this rather than finding obscure ways to enter entertainment industry again and again.

5) Aamir Liaquat

The person, who entered media as a Religious scholar, is now one of the biggest entertainers of this industry. Being a part of all types of gigs, Aamir Liaquat has proved to be a great comedian, vocalist, designer, an ex-politician, and even an actor. Seems like he should reconsider his profession and perhaps try going for salesmanship as he sold Q-mobiles and Firdous ki lawn without any extra effort.

6) Syed Noor

Chain Aye Na’s trailer has made us really restless and gave us some major nightmares. It is about time Syed Noor realizes k “Un Sey Nahi Ho Paye Ga” and take a forever break from film-making!

7) Maya Ali

Happy? Cry. Sad? Cry. Excited? Cry. Angry? Cry. Maya Ali, famous for her depressing roles should retire now. We do love watching her dramas, but sometimes, too much crying makes us cringe. Maybe you’ll feel happy once she leave this industry and pursue modeling as her career instead.