Contrary to popular belief MBA is still a very renowned degree and paves a pathway to a very successful career. For those of you who have been told that it is not worth it because the market is already saturated with MBA degree holders, I would like to point out that there are a lot of successful career options for you to choose from. To make your job a little easier here is some data about career options open to you, collected after extensive market survey and research.

1) Business Development Sector for Private Companies

Drawing experience from my very own organization I would like to point out that engineering paired with an MBA degree is one of the most sought after qualifications in Pakistan. The degree holders get recruited by various consulting companies/ EPC firms to run their business development section. Technical knowledge coupled with the power to convince the client is the best skill a person spearheading the business development team could have. Potential employers are often on the lookout for people having the technical knowledge to amaze the client along with possessing the convincing power to make the client sign a deal with their company.

2) To run your own business

Many people have tried to run their very own businesses only to fail miserably. The basic reason for this is their lack of professional experience. An MBA degree helps polish a person to the extent where they become capable enough to not only set up but also run their own business effectively. With an MBA degree, you have a heightened sense of your product’s market and its scope for success. If you have an MBA degree and a great business idea, there’s no stopping you, you already possess the necessary skills.

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3) Government Jobs are easy to score

Since MBA is a specialization degree for people in Pakistan, it is an excellent way to grab a well paying job in the government sector. When a government sector announces jobs and moves on to the selection procedure, they tend to give preference to the people holding an MBA degree.

4) Business Analyst

Another highly regarded position for MBA degree holders is that of a business analyst. The job requires dedication which helps to determine the exact market position of any product or services offered by a company. Analyzing the current market trends is the best way to measure the success and failures of a company and find out the room for improvement. These people are hired as consultants, a job that lets them work on their terms.

5) Sales Manager

There are a lot of companies that have separate sales and business development teams. While the business development section focuses on marketing strategies and link building between people and the product /services, the sales team is more focused on analyzing the product/service market and creating links to market to. This is the team that works on the ground to sell a company’s product or service.

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6) Social Media Marketing

Social Media is like a two-faced coin, each side telling a different story; it is both a means to socialize with friends and an excellent marketing tool. With the right education and skill-set, you can make quite a stir in the social media world and market your product perfectly.

7) Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a relatively new means of marketing that employs the use of any and all available tools found on the internet. From simple infographics to market ideas to strong and powerful websites, MBAs with a background in computer sciences can conquer their relevant market with a bang.

8) PR Management

PR Management is a very lucrative job. It includes everything from creating the right contacts to marketing the products/services in the most outstanding manner. MBAs with their excellent communication skills and friendly attitude can reap many financial rewards if they step into this line of work.

PR management if done correctly is the strongest marketing tool that there is.

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