No matter how cold of heart one may be, a child’s smile will always melt the icy wall and automatically bring a smile on your face. Children are the most beautiful creations of God, and one of the most innocent ones.

Unfortunately, their soft nature and dependency on adults make them the victim of notorious crimes such as rape and murder. One such case is Zainab’s. The 7-year old was brutally raped, killed, and thrown amongst trash in Kasur after being abducted.

Zainab had been missing for 5 days, according to current sources, she had gone missing under mysterious circumstances. Passersby informed the police of a minor’s body being disposed of, on information, the police rushed to spot and shifted the dead body to DHQ Hospital Kasur for an autopsy.

The autopsy report resulted that the minor was raped and then strangled to death. Special police teams arrived from Lahore and collected evidence from the scene.

As of now, there is no reason why the innocent child was made a victim of this crime. However, then again, crime doesn’t need a reason to be committed, it is the doing of a rotten soul.

According to sources, her parents have gone for Umrah, there are no words to weight the amount of pain they might have, or how heavy their hearts might be feeling. Meanwhile, her relatives searched high and low to find their missing angel but could not find her.

Zainab’s unforeseen death stirred a riot, traders closed down their shops and markets and chanted, demanding to bring justice and for her murderer to be put to death where he belongs!

A CCTV footage clearly shows a man holding her hand, walking through the streets.


No one in this world can imagine their child in pain when they fall for the first time, parents can not tolerate the sight, however, it’s these falls that help them grow. However, no parent can imagine the shrieking of their child in so much pain.

Zainab is not the only one. Every day, every minute, a child, our children, are exposed to individuals who do not have good intentions towards the younger ones. They try to become friendly with the soft-hearted children, try to become their friends, and when the moment is right, they attack like a snake leaving their venom and mark on and within the innocent soul of the kid, which then no longer remains the same.

Celebrities Spread #JusticeForZainab on Social Media

Little Zainab’s death dropped like a bomb on everyone’s heart. Many celebrities took it to Twitter asking for justice for the little girl. They also asked for her killer to be hanged and that our children need to be protected from animals like him!

#justice #for #zainab #justiceforzainabe

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In the end, we just want to say, we are sorry Zainab. We are sorry because you were not safe in your own homeland, because you were not safe in your street, amongst your own people. Sorry Zainab for the tears you shed, for the cold you shivered in, for not being able to save you from the pain. We failed to protect you.

Rest in peace little angel.