Marketing Jobs Interview

By Zulfiqar Ali Sajwani

Every interview call leaves you with plethora of ideas, each one taking you in a world of fantasy where you are the protagonist, fighting battles of wisdom and creativity. However, things do not come your way that easily in real life.

You have to make sure that you are well equipped with whatever your customer aka interviewer wants from you. There is no science to it. It’s just that with few tips in mind, you can embellish your performance, to stand out from the clutter. Here are some tips that I have gained from my little experience in giving interviews to the marketing industry.

1. Know the Company

Every company wishes to have an employee that knows the dynamics inside out. It is like your lover; If you miss out on the favorite color or most cherished song, your chances of wooing her/him fade way immediately. Therefore, a thorough research of the website as well as the key stakeholders will give you a confident feel at the interview.Show them that your company is the best I can get!

2. Take Care of the Idiosyncrasies

No employer would like to hire an employee that comes wearing the wrong socks to work. After all, what you practice at home comes out at an important meeting where the client is observing your minute movements. Look your best in the interview. Make sure the tie goes well with the shirt and the dress that you are wearing is not overly glittering.

3. Tell Interesting but Brief Stories

Each one of us has a kid inside us who loves listening to stories. I mean if you articulate the good and the bad times with finesse, the interviewer feels the vibe of honesty and interest. However, do not presume that you will have a flash of stories as soon as the interviewer asks you a question. Take some stories in your mind kitty so that you do not take hours remembering the how’s and the when’s.

4. Gesture and Posture it Well

If you think that interviewer would just listen to your words shutting down all the other senses, understand that he is a professional. He will note every movement from your hands to your eyes. Look into his eyes when talking to him. I know it may build up stress but it reflects your honesty. Keep your back straight. That shows confidence. Do not play with your hair or dwindle with the chair, it shows lack of interest

5. Curate Creativity!

The interviewer has had enough of typical ‘I made my parents proud’ stories for the day. Give him something that stirs an emotion. An idea that he would go like ‘Why did not I think about it?’. Marketing dwells on creativity and flair. If you can show him that you can change the game in the interview. He will never let you go.

6. Brand Yourself on Social Media

The only reference that the interviewer is left with after you are gone is your social media profile. He gives plenty of time to study what you have done. These pages can actually save you from losing out on instances which you could not illustrate in the interview. Spend some fruitful time detailing your experiences on social media!

7. Smile – This Curve Can Set Everything Right

A curve on your face escapes you from all the miseries that the interviewer may throw at you. Smiling creates an aura of comfort and vibrancy in the interview room. It shows that you have not been forced to give the interview by your parents or peers. Therefore, Smile.

All these tips come with a disclaimer that some interviewers are born to make your interview miserable! So there is a lot more to gear up for! Good luck!