Being a girl is hard! At least once in our lives, we all have experienced a moment where we wished we could be straight out of a comic book with superpowers. Because who is ever equipped to deal with the human world without superpowers?

Here is a list of some supers powers that all girls wished they had.

1. Invisibility

For every girl who has snuck out with friends and accidentally bumped into one of the rishtedars that go like ‘Arey beta, mama kahan hein?’ Or for those who really need a break from the dishes and the tea-serving!

2. Time travel

All those times when your mom drags you to one of those parties where all the aunties look at you like a potential ‘baho’. There’s obviously just one solution, travel back in time and fall sick so you don’t have to go.

3. Atmokinesis

Atmokinesis (ability to control the weather) is a superpower for all the girls out there who spent God knows how many hours attempting to ensure that their hair is 100% fabulous…. You deserve to have nothing ruin that moment for you.

4. Mind control

To use on your mother, so that she might let you leave the house without putting up a full proof case with evidence and still getting a no.

5. Flying

‘I want to travel the world’, says the brown girl who cant stay the night out. Well, flying would definitely help with that. Also, no ticket, no visa. I don’t see anything wrong.

6. Teleportation

For when you’re a lazy girl but also want to slay. You can catch those extra z’s, knowing you’ll still have time to look fabulous and cut through the traffic. By a lot.

7. Super strength

For all those times when you need to punch those unnecessarily rude people in the face. And for lifting heavy things randomly. *Picking up a car like Mr. Incredible because I CAN*
Also because some idiot doesn’t know how to park their car properly.

Contributed by: Amani Mehboob & Abeer Anwaar.