Twitter is filled with some of the most sarcastic people. In fact, it’s like all of the funniest, evil, genius and most hilarious people have made Twitter their new home! Just like that, there are 10 who have nailed at being epically hilarious, they are soo good at their jobs that they will make you LOL, LMAO, ROFL, and soo much more with a single tweet.

Here’s our list of the 7 hilarious desi Twitter handles you need to follow!

1. The ‘EVIL’ Phuppho

We all have that one family member who makes life miserable for us. She is after us like a cat after its prey, and unfortunately, there is absolutely nothing our parents do to help us out of this misery. However, for those of you who don’t know, Twitter has its very on Phuppho who is just down right hilarious!

This Phuppho is adding colour, fun, laughter, and all the good stuff to your life! Yes, she exists! Check her twitter handle out right now!

Uff ho Puphho, kardi naa gheri baath!

2. The Aapa of All Tootkas!

The chacha, chachi, mama, mami, and aapa of all tootkas! None other than our very own, Zubeda Aapa! This woman literally has the tootka for every single darn thing on this planet! You will not believe her genius, her IQ level is just too sky high, she even has all the insights to the reason why you have no ‘bijli’ at home!

Aapa Zubeda apko eekkees toppon ki salaami pesh ki jati hai!

3. Social Media ka Baap, ZingerBurger!

We all know how Zuckerburg created Facebook and took all of the internet and the entire planet by storm, we are pretty sure one day he might take over the world too. However, what you didn’t know is that our boy Mark has an evil twin brother who has secretly taken over Twitter! Ladies and gentlemen, meet Mark ZingerBurger!

Someone give this man a cookie or a ZingerBurger whatever, pronto!

4. Twitter ka Saith, Saith Abdullah!

If you want a good laugh, this Saith has your back! Twitter handle @SaithAbdullah99 has the perfect tweets to make your day! From Pakistani Cricket to Hollywood ka tarka! He can give you various memes and trolls to select from. You even get a sprinkle of Imam jokes here and there, check this recipe out;

5. Oh My Big Nas!!

Twitter handle @NasirJamshed has a few jokes, parodies, and lots of beziti up his sleeves! From trolling to besti-fying people, this man is the Big Daddy! If you are a Pakistani Cricket fan and you can digest a few jokes, you gotta follow the Big Nas!

6. Pakalu’s Game is on Point!

Pakalu Papito has a strong Twitter game going on! This Pakalu hits you soo hard you can feel them tweets hit you straight in the guts!

Pakalu, honey, it’s called ‘Apply Burnol’

7. Lame Brown Dude is Raita to your Biryani!

Being a Desi means you can relate to soo much! When it comes to being brown your childhood has been filled with mom’s flying chittars to elaichi wali Biryani, and who can forget them phuppos! If you want some mid-spicy brown comedy on Twitter, this Lame Brown Dude has the solution!

Lameness aagayi, Lameness chagayi!

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