Remember when life was simple, and we would all come home from school and sit on the edge of our seats waiting for the next show on Disney or Nick to start?

The 2000s were a time of great television, giving us shows that will forever be in our hearts. The witty comments, the unusual plot twists, the star-studded casts and the touching morals, in the end, are difficult to forget.

So, let’s take a trip to nostalgia city and mourn over what will never be.

1. Hannah Montana

One of the most popular shows ever broadcasted on Disney Channel, Hannah Montana had it all. A fresh-faced Miley Cyrus struggled to tackle her crazy double life, and it wasn’t just her glamour, fame and superstardom that attracted us, but how relatable her normal life was. For example, her hilarious fights with her brother, her boy problems, and her relationship with Lily and Oliver, who were the original #squadgoals.

2. Wizards of Waverly Place

Truly the most magical sitcom of our childhood (see what I did there), Alex Russo and her brothers made us wish we were wizards. Without Alex’s snide comments, Justin’s know-it-all brain, Max having no idea what’s going on, and Harper’s ridiculous outfits, what would we do?

3. The Suite Life of Zack and Cody

Back when the Sprouse twins were adorable little munchkins, there was nothing better than witnessing them spread chaos in the Tipton, as Mosebey’s temper flew through the roof, and Maddie, London, and Esteban tried to maintain control. (Let’s also not forget that this is the only show with a smart blonde and a dumb Asian).

4. Drake and Josh

Possibly having what could be one of the greatest on-screen relationships, Drake and Josh couldn’t be more different. But what we miss the most is, despite their irritation towards each other, (that made the show 10x more relatable) the step-brothers always learned to overcome their differences. Also, Megan’s devious ways will forever be missed.

5. That’s So Raven

This one’s old, but also gold. Everything the psychic said and did was hysterical. Her sassiness, her facial expressions, her life lessons, we miss it all. Although God has blessed us with the new spin-off “Raven’s Home”, it will never be the same.

6. Lizzie Mcguire

Just like the rest of us, Lizzie was a clumsy teenager who longed to be popular. What made this show so special was the fact that she had her own animated alter ego. Thank you, Hilary Duff, for bringing an icon to life (also keep in mind that she had a bitmoji before all of us).

7. Kim Possible

You’re lying if the theme song isn’t still stuck in your head 10 years later. Kim Possible was a completely fierce risk-taker, and we all wished we could be her. Her goofy sidekicks, Ron, and his naked mole-rat Rufus, only made episodes more fun. We hope to someday see Kim bless our TV screens again.

What TV show do you miss the most? Let us know in the comments.

Contributed by:
Kinza Ghanch