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Listening to the good old radio is a hobby for those who like to live in peace, away from the hustle and bustle of loud music and big gatherings. For such peace lovers, any interruption in their radio listening time is a sin that can’t be forgiven easily.

Be it during the traffic rush hours or the late night cozy radio time, we say – the following annoying things should be BANNED while listening to the radio.

Read on and let us know if you agree!

1. Ads, Ads and more Ads 

We get it you have to earn the money, but Dear Radio Channels, put us out of the misery of listening to one ad a zillion times in a 30-minute show.

Radio listening gif 1

2. The Annoying RJs who talk during the song 

As if they don’t get to speak enough! We wonder, how they don’t realize how annoying it gets when they destroy the whole mood with gibberish.

Radio listening gif 2

3. The Clingy Callers Who Need to Share EVERY Damn Detail of their Boring Life

Just a heads up to all such people – nobody cares, not even the RJ! We didn’t tune in to listen how your ex betrayed you or how you ended up living a fairy tale.

Radio Listening Gif 3

4. No Signals 

The story of every Pakistani stuck in a traffic jam.

Radio Listening GIf 4

5.  The Moment When your favourite song is just about to start and you get a news update

Oh yes, this has happened to all of us.


6.  The Seductive Lady Who Tells Which Channel It Is Every 30 Seconds

We don’t have amnesia nor short-term memory loss. We know we are tuned into your esteemed channel. You don’t need to remind us and the seductive IVR  isn’t helping either.

not impressed

7. Time Check

Just so you know, we do own a watch and we also have time checks in our smartphones.


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