The summer sunshine disappears as autumn gives way  to falling leaves. Unfortunately, our long beautiful hair also suffers some temporary shedding. Read on for tips and adapted treatments to limit the nuisance and to maintain a beautiful mane before winter.

Sun, sea and pool wreak havoc on your hair during the summer, as do hormonal changes. Temporary hair loss is frequent in spring and particularly in the fall between the end of August and the beginning of September. This phenomenon varies for each individual but should never last more than 6 to 8 weeks.

A number of fixes exist in order to maintain both healthy locks and general well-being.

Anti-hair loss treatments to the rescue


Treatments rich in amino acids strengthen the keratin structure of hair follicles while hair tonics made from regenerative concentrates can reduce hair loss. Both can be used as a preventative measure and can help with activating hair growth.

The boosting effect of dietary supplements

supplements pills

Dermatologists and hairdressers alike recommend taking one or two in-depth treatments of nutritional supplements at least three months before the beginning of fall and again at the end of November to better anticipate seasonal changes and avoid hair loss.

Made from vitamins and minerals, dietary supplements are sold over-the-counter in pharmacies.

The benefits of scalp massages


To prepare the hair follicle for growth and to stimulate the circulation of the scalp while nourishing the area, massages done at the hairdresser’s or in specialized institutions help ensure thick, healthy growth of new hair strands, allowing for a better hair hygiene in the future.

Regularly wash your hair and use essential-oil based treatments


It’s important to continue to nourish and fortify your hair by washing it with soft shampoos that do not contain any sulfates and by rinsing them in lukewarm water regularly.

You can add essential oil-based treatments to balance keratin levels, using lemon essential oil for instance if your tresses are rather oily and lackluster.

Be wary of frequent hair-straightening


As with a bad-quality dye job, straightening naturally frizzy hair or thin and fragile hair and succumbing to too many salon hair straightening techniques can result in significant hair loss and even reduce the life cycle of strands.

It is better to reserve these treatments for special occasions and always address professionals when doing so.

Foods for beautiful tresses


Foods rich in iron (red meat, giblets, lentils, fish, eggs and seafood) and in vitamin B (whole grain cereals and fatty fish), hard cheeses, fruits and vegetables should be privileged to maintain a shining head of hair all year round.