pakistani parents stop saying daughters
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Being a woman is hard in this country. However, before we even step out in the world, some things parents say to their daughters regularly instil the wrong values/ideas in them. Here’s what you need to stop saying to your daughter(s):

1. “Go help your brother”

Teaching daughters to always be the one who looks after the brother is problematic. It teaches them that the male in the house, regardless of age, always needs to be sustained and ‘looked after’ by the women. Don’t raise a manchild for a son, let him do his work himself.

pakistani parents stop saying daughters
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2. “Don’t Focus That Much on Studies…”

This line is usually followed by the statement that studies aren’t that important in the future. However, there is a high chance you never say this to your son. Don’t let your daughter feel her education has no worth in the future, she has the potential to make an empire out of it in the future. Don’t put her down.

pakistani parents stop saying daughters
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3. “Why Are You Taking Subjects Like Science? Go for arts”

Another stereotypical statement that is entrenched in gender roles. Parents often say this thinking they’re guiding their daughters to the right path but that is not the case. Science is just as great of a subject for your daughter as is arts. Let her make her own path.

4. “Daughters are temporary guests in their homes”

We have heard this a lot and know that it does not come from a bad place. However, it instils all the wrong ideas in the daughter’s head. Yes, women are expected to move out after marriage but that has no bearing on how integral of a part they are of the family. 

5. “Marriage should happen at an early age”

That early age, though never defined, is expected to be right after graduation from university or even earlier! If your daughter is more than happy with this, great. However, if she wants to study and establish a career, don’t say this. This only creates pressure in them to be established right after graduation which is impossible.

pakistani parents stop saying daughters
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6. “Boys will be boys”

pakistani parents stop saying daughters
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The Urdu version of this is “larke toh aise hi hote hain” and this starts from childhood! A boy can be making a ruckus and parents will be okay with it as long as the daughter sits respectfully. No, that is not the case. Boys can be made better and if someone has done wrong with your daughter, defend her and support her.

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