6 Steps to Repair Your Wet & Soppy Smartphone

wet smartphone

By Fatima Akhlaq

Have your cell phone ever slipped off in a glass of water? Or did it ever fell in the toilet or you jumped in the pool without realizing that you had your phone in your pocket?

Well, the inevitable can happen no matter how much you care. Hence, instead of going frantic about it and thinking of replacing your phone, follow these 6 simple steps or watch this useful video created by Cnet here: 

Step 1. Fetch it out ASAP

Instead of panicking, it’s better to get your cell phone out of the liquid because the more it is exposed to any sort of wetness, the more likely it is to get damaged.

Sep 2. Turn off the device immediately

Once the gadget is not exposed to any moisture, switch it off and try removing the battery. This is to avoid any sort of short circuit.

Step 3. Remove all the accessories and add-ons

In order to dry the covered gaps and slots, make sure to remove all the accessories attached to the phone like memory card, earphones, sim, protective cover etc.

Step 4. Dry your phone with a soft towel or a vacuum cleaner

Wipe the outer parts of your phone with the towel and use a vacuum cleaner for drying the inner areas of the phone. Never use a hair dryer.

Step 5. Leave your phone in a rice sack for a day or so

Rice is known as an excellent moisture absorber. Hence leaving your phone in the rice sac will be an inexpensive option to get your phone dried. Make sure to change the positions of your phone after every hour so that the maximum amount of liquid is drained out.

Step 6. Don’t restart your phone at least before 24 hours

Be patient and don’t switch on your phone before 24 hours or so. Make sure that the ports and compartments look dry and clean. Turn it on. If your phone does not boot, remove the battery again and rush to your nearest service station.