realme 8 series

While the rest of the world is busy making tear-jerking Santa filled ads, one financial institution has actually built a  12-foot-tall PNC functioning bank branch with 5000 pounds of Gingerbread. The mammoth project was completed by the bank’s agency, Deutsch, who wanted to make banking a bit more fun for the holiday season.

Deutsch, wanted to get consumers excited about PNC’s annual Christmas Price Index, which prices out each gift from “The Twelve Days of Christmas.”

realme 8 series

Watch the making of the actual Gingerbread Building in the video below:

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The bank is fully functioning with actual banking services where customers can use ATM and open a new account.

Created in collaboration with Design Compendium and Bredenbeck’s Bakery in Philadelphia, the bank took 6 months in development and four days to build. The walls, ceiling and floor, as well as many of the interior and are made up of gingerbread.


realme 8 series