Are you stuck in a boring cubicle, 5 days a week from 9 to 5? We’ve got good news for you, not everyone in the world is stuck in the same old office space. We’ve compiled a list of famous workplaces that will give you the ultimate work goals.

Take an inside look at some of the coolest offices ever!

1. Facebook

Creativity and colorful spaces oozes out from this Facebook New York Office

An energetic working space like this one will get the creative juices flowing.

We’d love to have such comfortable seating arrangements at our office.

Can you believe it? They get to test the latest equipment and have a pastry chef on hand too? Man! This is so unfair for us.

2. Twitter

Twitter’s Manhattan office employs more than 400 employees and is the second-largest office after its headquarters in San Francisco. Check out the inside of the Twitter office below:

For Coffee lovers, this cozy coffee bar would be utter bliss!  It also lets employees print out emojis and stickers on their brew.

This cafe is the hot spot for people who need a quick pick-me-up in the afternoon or mornings. We absolutely love the vintage style decor.

This comfortable working space is what we need in life!

Twitter treats its employees to free breakfast, lunch, and dinner cooked by an in-house chef Mark Gandara who previously worked at the top chef at Red Rooster in New York City.

3. Linked In

This futuristic looking Lobby follows the colors of the Linked In Logo.

We’d love this cozy spot at the Linked In office!

Linked In has a really quiet space for those who’d like to catch up with their reading

The main office has an open layout with panels that employees can slide and adjust.

How can we forget their kitchen? They provide free breakfast and lunch and sometimes have pop-up cookie decorating sessions as well!

4. Adobe

The Adobe office follows an open layout and employs about 2500 people

Don’t mistake this for a restaurant, it’s part of adobe’s patio which allows employees to grab a drink and catch a break under the open sky.

The workspace shows off the creative, innovative and collaborative culture.

This special nook is known as the Time Capsule, stepping into it gives you a feeling of going back in time.

Adobe boasts a total of 3 cafe’s and this grand kitchen is just one of them!

5. Uber

A detailed look at the Manhattan office that lets employees bring their dogs to work! Uber’s office is situated in an old freight warehouse and former nightclub. It dates back to 1891.

Uber employees need to use scooters and skateboards to get around

We can’t get over this beautiful Hudson River view from the Uber office.

Which of these world’s top companies would you love to work for? Let us know in the comments below.

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