Women Led
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With each passing day, numerous startups are emerging. While this is good news, what’s even greater is how women are also taking part in creating and leading startups. When a startup does succeed and goes on to become one of the Fortune 500, one more female CEO would have entered the ranks and reduced the gender gap. With time, not just women-led startups but women-led giants will be visible.

So let’s have a look at some women led startups we have in Pakistan.

1. Scary Ammi

Scary Ammi is a startup by Ayesha Nasir. The idea of the company is to be a helping hand to the mothers. Now that could mean the mother needing to network or get guidance about some products or services; all they need to do is get on to the platform that is called Scary Ammi.

2. Doch

Cultural handicrafts are an important part of our society. Deedar Mengal started Doch with the idea to promote the industry and create employment opportunities for the people of Balochistan specifically.

3. Aagah Initiative

Hayat Ansari began Aagah Initiative to provide a safe experience to women in the public sphere. Given the number of harassment cases that have appeared in recent times, this was the need of the time. They work on technological solutions to tackle street harassment and other social threats.

4. Shama-e- Zindagi

Shama e Zindagi was started by Eesha tur Razia Babar. This one focuses on the medical industry, specifically the ICUs and CCUs. It monitors patients in critical conditions, which lessens the burden on nurses and medical staff.

5. HomeMediq

Saira Siddique’s HomeMediq is focused on contributing to the health sector. It allows virtual setup for people to access healthcare facilities through their phones 24/7. Say goodbye to waiting in the waiting arena for the doctor.

The products or services these startups provide tells one the aim through which they were created. And just that can tell you how innovative these women are. So we wish them all the best in their goal.

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