At present, the entire world is now hooked on to Facebook and chances are that at times your Facebook messenger could prove to be a source of annoyance rather than being of use. The Facebook Messenger App is downloaded on almost everyone’s smartphones now and for some, this App is continuously active.

Here are 5 ways in which you can make your life easier by controlling your Facebook messenger.

Mute Notifications for Selected Time Periods


You can now mute conversations for a period of choice.

This is most helpful when a certain conversation seems to distract the user like a group conversation which is ablaze with messages while you are at work.

The mute option can then be switched off automatically after a specifically defined period or you can choose the option to manually switch off the mute option.

Get Rid of Single-Line Messages


This feature is exclusively available for the mobile messenger applications. You can now get rid of a single line text as opposed to the entire conversation by selecting the delete option.

Check the Current Status of Your Messages


If a tiny pop-up of the receiver’s display picture is displayed under the message that you have sent then it means that your message has not only been delivered but also been read by the receiver.

However if a hollow blue circle is displayed it means that your message is being sent.

A hollow blue circle with a tick denotes that the message has been sent while a filled blue circle with a tick mark within indicates that the message has been delivered.

Knowing the exact status of your facebook messages has never been easier!

 View Where Your Message was Read


This is more of an investigative tool for all those who are trying to keep track of their loved ones. (From doting and over-protective mothers to suspecting spouses)

This allows the receiver to view the exact location where their text is read, provided that the receiver has enabled location related services on their devices.

Create Separate Page for Group Conversations


Facebook messenger has now dedicated an entire page for group conversations, where the group chats are displayed via their specific names and also mention the names of the people involved in the group chat.

This makes navigating between groups and accessing groups’ information, even more easier.

So head over to your Facebook Messenger to make all these useful changes right now!

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