Qarshi is a household name in Pakistan. With over 300 natural products under its belt, Qarshi has successfully managed to become a necessity in the life of every Pakistani in some way. Be it their highly refreshing line of syrups, or their soothing herbal medicines, a home feels incomplete without Qarshi.

With so many accomplishments, Qarshi triumphantly remains one of the top industries in Pakistan. But the success story doesn’t end there. The brand is actively involved in countless activities to bring about a positive change in the country. Be it their social welfare ventures focusing on healthcare and education or relief work for people affected by natural calamities.

Following is a list of 5 times Qarshi Industries have given back to the Pakistani society.

Qarshi University

Qarshi Foundation plays an important role in the education sector. The foundation provides financial assistance to various schools, vocational training centers, Deeni Madaris and NGOs. Furthermore, it also arranges education materials for schools and offers scholarships and student loans to deserving students.


Apart from sponsoring the educational organizations, Qarshi has also set up its own university that offers quality education that is affordable to the masses. Eastern Medicine and Surgery, Islamic Medicine with a modern outlook are just some of the courses being offered. You can find more information about the university here

Rehabilitation of Flood and Earthquake Victims

Pakistan, in the recent years, has seen a lot of devastation caused by natural disasters. The relief work is often painstakingly slow and the people suffer because of it. Qarshi has always tried to make a difference where it can. After the recent earthquake, Qarshi participated in the rehabilitation of victims along with helping to prevent the outbreak of infectious diseases – a huge threat after a disaster.

Qarshi Flood relief

Floods have become a recurrent situation, and in those cases too, Qarshi is present at the scene providing quick relief. Food products like Jam e Shirin, powdered drinks, jams and pickles were donated. Natural medicines like Aab e Nuqra to make water bacteria free and Kare Drops for the prevention of infections have also been supplied.

Steps to Conserve the Environment

Qarshi is a socially responsible organization and understands its role when it comes to conservation of the environment. Total ecological harmony is maintained at all the manufacturing plants to reduce waste with the help of efficient waste conversion systems that achieve zero solid waste level all year round.

herb garden

Joining hands with organizations like PHA and WWF, Qarshi Foundation does its best to create awareness for environmental issues by setting up workshops and seminars. Qarshi Herbs Centers and Herbal Gardens have made remarkable efforts towards harvesting sustainable medicinal plants.

Providing Quality Healthcare for Mothers and Children

Qarshi Foundation has taken considerable measures to raise health awareness and provide quality healthcare to those who need it the most. To this effect, they run various health facilities, Tibbi Dispensaries, mother and child health care centers and hospitals.

Qarshi herbal products and medicines drastically improve the quality of life, but the brand doesn’t stop at just their manufacturing. The foundation has set up numerous Health Shops that provide health tips from qualified hakeems, give out diet plans and deliver products free of cost.

Jam e Shirin Park

In a bid to make society more beautiful, Qarshi has set up a Jam e Shirin Park that not only provides a beautiful and open space for people to spend quality time with their loved ones, it also helps the environment. Qarshi regularly organizes flower festivals, exhibitions and provides maintenance of plants.
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