Clicking the perfect picture can be really tricky! Especially if you have your Smartphone to work with!

While some have learned to master the art of Smartphone-photography, there are others who need a tiny bit of help.

No worries! We have your back! If you are looking for a few cool tricks, here’s what we have under our sleeves!

1. Use Headphone as Shutter Release

Connect your headset to the smartphone, press the volume down button. It will avoid blurry pictures with while struggling to take a picture and simultaneously give better results.

2. Hands-Free Mode for Group Pictures or Selfies

Unfortunately, one of your friends is always left out of the frame just because they have to click the picture! Now, thats not fair!

Worry no more! Just take a plastic card and bend it from both sides to make a curve right in the center of the card, place your smartphone on it, with a camera timer of 5 to 10 seconds and enjoy jubilant group photos.

3. Use High Definition Resolution

HDR mode enables you to take better pictures with premium quality however it occupies greater memory. HDR is the best option while clicking scenery, sunsets, snow-capped mountains etc.


Since the introduction of applications like Instagram and Snapchat, filters have become the new all-time fave feature for many while clicking images from their phones.

Photography fanatics can choose from dozens of filters like B&W, Chrome, Juno, X-Pro II, etc. Not only does it improve image quality, it also adds a new flare to an ordinary image.

5. Panorama

Select the panoramic mode and set the person in place. As soon as the first frame is finished, ask the person to relocate to the second frame while moving the phone slowly towards the second frame. You must make sure you drag the phone slowly or else your panorama will be terminated.

Use these professional tricks and let us know if they work for you!

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Contribute By: Anas Sultan