You’ve just received a call back from that company you had applied to for work. Someone from Human Resources informed you that your job application was successful and asked you to join at the earliest. You are ecstatic and can’t wait to start working at the company.

Oh but wait. Before you start your new job it would be useful to keep in mind some of the do’s and don’ts of the workplace. Knowing how to navigate it will be essential to impressing employers and to your progress there. A successful stint could do wonders for your career and potentially become a catalyst for your next move.

So what makes for an ideal employee? Someone who is sought after by employers everywhere? The following tips should come in handy for all those wishing to become the ideal employee and leave their mark wherever they work.

 1) 9 am means 9 am. Or 8:55 am

Among the many qualities, employers wish their employees to have, being punctual and disciplined probably ranks at the top. No employer ever appreciates late-comers. Habitually, late employees also create an unprofessional work environment. Needless to say, no employer would want them around for long.

2) Groom yourself!

To get ahead in a professional work environment one has to look the part. Shabby dressing, dirty nails, uncombed hair and unkempt facial hair will not get you far in a work environment no matter how good you are at your job. Always maintain a professional appearance by keeping neat and clean and dress according to your work environment. In other words, dress for success.

3) Learners are always welcome

It’s a good sign when an employee is a keen learner and not just concerned with getting through the work day. It shows to the employer that the employee wants to learn as much as possible about the job so as to do it the right way. It also means that employees are taking an active interest in their job, something employers truly appreciate.

4) Gossip is best left outside

While chatting occasionally with your colleagues may help foster a good rapport with your co-workers, indulging yourself in incessant office gossip will not go down well with employers. It is best to avoid it and concentrate on the work instead since that is what employees are actually paid to do.

5) Nothing beats hard work

Absolutely. Not only is there no substitute for hard work but also no other thing you do at work pays off the way hard work does. A hard worker will always find favor with his or her superiors and come appraisal time, will be rewarded for it. So, burn the midnight oil now to reap the benefits later!

Contributed by: Hasan Waheed