Early in the 20th century, the Surrealism movement flourished, aimed at changing perceptions of a bleak world. Surrealist artists tried to explore the unconscious to explore the depths of human imagination. Surrealism challenges all boundaries set by reality, promising a world full of beauty where nothing is impossible.

The same concept was adopted by the luxury brand Magnum for their annual gala this year. The Magnum Party 2016 was all about Surrealism, relying heavily on the works of artist Salvador Dali to create grand masterpieces, using fashion, creative installations and performances.

Magnum Party 2016 was held on September 21st in Karachi and was attended by celebrities from both the fashion, entertainment and artistic world. While the entire event was as glamorous as it gets, we have shortlisted six highlights of the night that will keep people talking for a long time.

The Chocolate Table

Imagine dying and going to chocolate heaven. The desserts and sweet treats available at Magnum Party were nothing short of divine. The Chocolate Table was the creation of the well-known chocolatier Amna Tauqeer. Apart from the velvety chocolate fountain, cupcakes and magnum ice-cream, the table also featured creative artsy installations all made from chocolate. Guest could go indulge any time they wanted.



Dali inspired installation . All chocolate. ! #magnumparty16

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#AaminaSheikh indulging in the world of chocolate! 😘🍫 #magnumparty16 @aaminasheikh

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Art Gallery

Curated by Sameera Raja of the Canvas Gallery, Magnum Party 2016 was a celebration of art. The gallery featured 25+ artworks, inspired by Chocolate, Surrealism, & Dali. The works of art included installations, paintings and sculptures.



Grand Performances

All the performances, from music to dance to models dressed in fancy installations, were magnificently symbolic and tapped into the imagination of all those who viewed them.





Ali Zafar – The artist

We already know him as a successful singer and actor. But did you know Ali Zafar can paint too? Watch him create a stunning portrait in seconds! Made us wonder what can he not do?

Ali Zafar Charms the Audience at the Magnum Party 2016

Fashion Presentation

Since the theme of this year’s party was so extraordinary, the choice of designers for fashion presentation was crucial. The list was finalised with designers who had a flair for theatre and extravagance and could do justice to the theme. Chosen for the event were Ali Xeeshan, Faraz Manan, Shamaeel Ansari and Nilofer Shahid. Each showcased their own interpretation of surrealism in various different ways and left the audience in awe with their larger than life collections.

Shamaeel Ansari 

The opening collection of the night was Shamaeel Ansari. Her collection was a bridge connecting dreams with reality. Her interpretation of the theme was featured through the depiction of a woman in love. Since the emotion of love blurs the line between dreams and reality. Hear the designer speak passionately about her special collection.



Faraz Manan

This collection was inspired by Duomo in Milan, using a blend of chocolate and caramel, fusing the velvety richness of melting chocolate with the artful genius of Dali.


Ali Xeeshan

If there is anyone in the fashion fraternity who challenges the norms of reality, it’s Ali Xeeshan. All his collections have a touch of fantasy in them. For Magnum Party 2016, he took inspiration from the power of a woman and the constant change she goes through in her daily life. Like a chrysalis evolving into a beautiful butterfly.

Nilofer Shahid

Probably the most stunning collection of them all, Nilofer Shahid’s take on surrealism was a marvel. Being inspired by the works of Dali, she used his paintings and brought them to life with her collection. It was a battle between good and evil and one got to see the transition from darkness into purity.


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