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You love traveling. Don’t you? And that love takes you to the ends of the world. You start from, let’s say Pakistan, and reach South Americas. Now, there are places where you can get halal foods. But are you going to bet your need for food on the idea that you will find a halal shop? I, for one, will not be able to. Especially if I have ways, I can satisfy my hunger and avoid haram food.

Below are five snacks that you can take with you on your flight. You can easily take them in your luggage, and no one will bat an eye.

1. Dry Fruits

This one goes without saying. I mean, you can even buy them anywhere without worrying about the Halal Haram thing. But the best part about dry fruits is, if you like walking on your travels, you can keep munching on them. This way, you won’t get hungry at shorter durations and stop at every stop on the way.

avoid haram
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2. Bakery Chips

C’mon! I get that they are fragile, and by the time you reach your destination, they may have turned to powder. But there are ways to get around that. You can put the packets in a box and put it in the luggage. I endorse them highly because they are just the right level of spicy. You have that reminder of home in case the available halal food is bland.

3. Noodles

Maggi is not available anymore, but there are many alternatives available now. Just put the noodles and tastemakers in a bowl and pour hot water over it. Your halal food is all ready for you to rock and roll. After a tiring day of exploring, come back to the hotel to some hot, spicy, and halal food.

avoid haram
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4. Biscuits…

I mean, do I have to explain why I mention biscuits. They are a better alternative to chips as well. I mean, considering chips are fried in oil, they are more haram than haram foods. Therefore, keep half rolls or ticky packs with you. They are more fulfilling and at least healthier than chips. And if you don’t like sweet stuff, you can always choose non-sweet ones such as Zeera biscuits.

5. Khasta roti

Tell me; you know Khasta roti! Because if you don’t, my friends, your childhood was sad. Looking back at those nostalgic times, we can also choose to take khasta roti with us. Crush it entirely, and you can store it at room temperature for days. With a little bit of sugar, crushed khasta roti, and milk, there is no other perfect combination. So you can take that along too.

There are many more such snacks that you can take along. They will cost you less if you take them from the home country. You will also be saving money on the trip. And not to forget, no forceful fasting to avoid haram food.

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