5 Photography Tricks To Capture Beautiful Sunsets Using Your Phone

There’s nothing quite like a sunset. The sun slowly disappearing below the horizon is one of the most awe-inspiring sights in the natural world. You might not be an artist but the quest of clicking scenic views will make you want to become one. However, sunset photography is not as easy as you might think and its glory doesn’t always translate into stunning sunset photos.

So, today, we’ve gathered our favourite tips to help you capture stunning sunset photographs.

1. Plan Your Views 

Sunsets only take a few minutes, which is why you want to think about these elements before the sunset begins. Otherwise, you might miss the best shots. Find out when the sun will set, then arrive at least half an hour beforehand. It’s often in the lead-up to a sunset that the real magic happens.

Image source: Pinterest.com

2. Take Raw Pictures 

With the raw format, you can change the white balance, which is the balance of colors in your image. Shooting in raw mode will easily translate the majority of the details, which can be done on your smartphone, you can more easily manipulate the colours in photo editing programs like Adobe Lightroom.

Image source: Pinterest.com

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3. Use Burst Mode

Subjects in motion can tell a great story. Including motion in your sunset shot can add some excitement to the image. The challenge is to capture just the right moment as your subject speeds by.

Image source: hotopgraphyschool.com

One easy way to ensure you capture the ideal moment is to use your phone’s camera burst mode. Hold your finger down on the shutter to take multiple photos over a few seconds. As your subject passes by, you’ll capture many different images from which you can choose.

4. Take Multiple Exposures 

The beauty of a sunset is created, in part, by extreme contrasts of light and darkness. How do you expose yourself to both the sun and the surrounding landscape?

Using the HDR photo feature in the camera app allows you to improve exposure in a scene that has a wide range of light.

Image source: hotographyschool.com

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5. Foreground Element 

Ideally, the sunset itself isn’t the only element in the photo. You might have captured the colors beautifully, but without a foreground element, there won’t be much lasting impact. A strong foreground element will add interest, depth and context to your image. Almost anything can be used rocks, people, a pier, a cityscape or just about anything.

Image source: travelandleisure.com

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