Some valuable lessons the silver screen has taught us, other than how to tackle your Bossy boss – like Peggy from Mad Men or Jess from New Girl who had immense talents to look adorable even with consistent display of weird behavior, is …. why we need to order fast food instead of cooking! (Remember Joey from friends?)

You may change your mind once and for all with only a little far-fetched & wild imagination. Recall all these scenes from some of the most famous movies below to see how much you missed your crispy fries and exquisite burgers on the spot.

1. Bridget Jone’s Diary

Ladies, go watch this movie today. Basically, like all new cooks she goes through a terrible cooking mishap while preparing a birthday dinner. Cherry on top, she serves the disastrous ‘blue’ birthday soup on her own birthday. If only her blatant display of ‘blonde’ other than the hair had been in question, she could have ordered some fried chicken.


Tip: Never cook on YOUR BIRTHDAY 

2. Rocky, The Movie

We’d appreciate if all the macho men out there tone down their enthusiasm because not everyone can whoof down raw eggs in a go. Actually, no one would like to do that after rising from their slumber to slide down raw eggs straight from the glass. However nutritious it may seem, some of us would still go with pizza.


Tip: Order Online

3. The Silence Of The Lambs

Every reason to remain silent.It’s however imperative that we raise some voice against the 118 minutes of butchery (so dramatic) & convince ourselves to order some good fast food to feast on at   the end of movie. Here’s a win-win situation for you; great movie, great food choice. If that still doesn’t convince you, then having a guy’s liver with your favorite drink surely will. 


Tip: Hate the butchery, not pizza

4. Indiana Jones & The Temple Of Doom

Did anyone notice those queer monkey heads on the feast table? Yes, those were filled with (supposedly) monkey brains. It’s definitely cruel and not tempting to say the east ! the idea of eating “Brain Masala” this Eid would not have seemed so tempting had we recalled this scene. Nevertheless, you still have your smart brains to order some fast food and keep your stomach from churning with the disgusting thought.


Tip: Get over those brains!

5. When Harry Met Sally

Forget all the ways you could order your sandwiches & burgers & watch out for Sally ordering a sandwich in the movie. She surely has taught us a great deal about how peculiar you should be when it comes to your food. As she says ‘I just like it how I like it’, you too should start taking your sandwiches seriously!


Tip: Sandwiches/burgers are matters of importance. Order online.


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