The sway of no-makeup is now officially over! As the vibrant and colorful season of spring approaches, it is time to don those red lips, bright peppers and glittery big lashes.

Dewy skin, revamped smokey eyes and big lashes are some of the most prevalent makeup trends for the year 2016. Let’s have a look at the complete beauty report, highlighting some of the chic makeup fads this year!

1. Dewy Skin

Fresh, glossy skin that looks lit from within – a far cry from the Kardashian contour and highlight routine, this trend is easy, wearable, and beautifully flattering no matter what your skin tone/type.


How to Achieve This Look

  • Simply add a drop or two of oil (we recommend Shea Beautifying Oil from The Body Shop) to your foundation, mixing, and applying as usual for an ultra-hydrated effect.


  • To take your glow to the next level, dab a liquid highlighter like Sunbeam by Benefit or a bit of Vaseline to the high points of the face and voilà – instant glow!

2. Monochromatic Makeup

While matching makeup has made many an appearance over the years, 2016’s version has got be our favourite. This trend has been spotted on the likes of the most famous faces of the moment – It Girls like Gigi Hadid, Shay Mitchell, and Rihanna, among others.


How To Achieve This Edgy Look!

To achieve this edgy and easy look, simply choose a colour and stick with it! We suggest a wash of burgundy over the lids and a warm nude lip for a look that’s as sultry as it is simple. Other stunning color families to opt for are beige, caramel, peach, and pink.


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3. The Revamped Smokey Eye

Nothing is more classically iconic than the faithful smokey eye, but this year’s trend takes it to a whole new level – you’re going to want to try this at home!


How To Get this look:

  • To achieve the new smokey eye, all it takes is a simple twist of technique; line your eyes as normal using a kohl pencil (Color Studio’s Soft Kohl Kajal applies like a dream).


  •  Trade your usual smudgy top lid for a satisfyingly smoked bottom lash line. The effect is modern, sleek, and utterly smouldering

Smokey Eyes Revamped

4. Barely There Bronze

There’s no denying that nude makeup looks wickedly good on just about everyone. This trend takes nude to new heights in the form of the colour bronze.


Bronze, which contains hints of red, brown, and golden, is actually the perfect nude for those with deeper skin tones (but suits everyone!) and is almost impossible to mess up.

Bronze Make up pallette

5. Lashing Out

At this point, we’re no strangers to the magic of mascara (they do call it a mascara wand, after all), but 2016 calls for lashes that are less predictable and more pretty.


If you’re not comfortable trying out individual lashes or far-out falsies, (although we highly recommend dicing up your old false lashes for a custom eye look), then, after applying mascara to your top lashes, hold the wand vertically and apply to your bottom lashes in swift strokes.

The effect is something like the saucer-eyed trends of the sixties, but much, much more wearable.

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