5 Healthy Pizza Recipes To Satisfy Your Cravings Without Making You Sad

Pizza is life. There isn’t a problem that a delicious slice of pizza can’t solve. However, the love doesn’t last long. The minute you finish off the entire thing, you start wondering how many calories you consumed and what will they do to you in the coming days. Lucky for you, we found a solution! Here are 5 healthy pizza recipes that are both delicious and low in calories.

You won’t have to go out of your way to collect ingredients for these healthy pizza recipes. Just make a list of the things already in your fridge and get to work.

Cauliflower crust pizza

Ok sure it doesn’t sound as appetising as a regular pizza but there is no harm in trying. Instead of the doughy fattening crust, grated cauliflower is used. You instantly cut out most of the calories from the pizza. Use grilled chicken chunks and go easy on the cheese. Better yet use low-fat cheddar.

Pita Bread Pizza

Next time you have pizza cravings, don’t reach for the phone to order some. Instead, stock up some wheat pita bread. So you might need a little foresight for this but when you’re prepared with all the ingredients this recipe is worth your while. Everything is already cooked you just have to assemble. Use your wheat pita as a base and toast it a little. Spread some tomato sauce, your favorite toppings and bake it for a few minutes. Your healthy pizza is ready to eat!

Wheat Bread Pizza

This recipe is similar to the one on top. You just replace your pita bread with a slice of multigrain or wheat bread. Your pizza won’t be in its original round shape, but it won’t be testing your patience either. You can prepare it in minutes and happily munch away.

Quinoa Crust Pizza

If you’re still reading, we have another recipe for you to try. Quinoa is an acquired taste, you either love it or you don’t. If you do like it, this recipe is a healthy way to enjoy your favorite food. It does require some prep time though but once ready it will make you forget everything!

Sweet Potato crust pizza

So we aren’t sure how this one will turn out but if it results in pizza we are up for trying it out!

We hope you’re better than us and will actually try out these healthy pizza recipes. We just went ahead and ordered the greasy, cheesy circle of deliciousness. Do let us know which one you tried out and how it was.