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Traveling on a budget or not, sometimes you need to travel with 1 or 2 stops in between your flight. At times the transit is not too long, and you have to rush towards your boarding gate (I have done it, its no joke). And at other times, you have more than 14 hours and you have no idea what to do with this long flight or more like a journey.

Even if you are at Al Hammad International or Dubai Airport, you will be tired of roaming around and would be bored. Or if you are on the plane and the flight is long and you do want to watch any film. In that case, you should know a few games. If you are traveling with someone, that will be great, but even if you are not, some of these games can keep you company.

1. Paper Games

They never get old. All you need is a pencil and a paper. You can ask for that on a flight even. And you can start with tic-tac-toe and oh yes, hangman. Of course, you need to get a partner to play these. But that doesn’t mean you have to be traveling with someone for these. No, it just means you need to be strategically extrovert. So start talking to the one sitting next to you and convince him/her.

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2. Sudoku

Ok, so this is my personal favorite, for I happen to be an ambivert whose introvert-ness jumps out right when I travel. And hence whenever I travel, keep this sudoku book with me. Keep solving it. Not only will you look sophisticated playing a brainstorming game, but it enhances your brainpower (which is what I like to believe, and it has no scientific proof, so try it on your responsibility).

3. I Spy

I spy is a game I used to play with my mother when I was young. We would do it when we were waiting in the car for my dad. And it sure came in handy when waiting in Qatar during the 8 hour stop.

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4. An investigator on a Plane

I made it up, so you have to bear with me. So you are on a plane, and you are bored, so you start imagining a scenario that someone you have been tracking is on a flight as well. Now you have to find out who that is. Is it the chatty old lady in the aisle seat? Or is it the fat man rushing to the loo every five minutes? Or is it the hot stranger sneaking peeks at you?

A little bit of fun, a short but of sleep, and some roaming around, and it will be time for your flight. If it’s even longer than that, well, in that case, I recommend getting a visa for the country you are stopping at and have a small tour on the side.

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