Smartphones and other technological gadgets dominate today’s modern world and people tend to be always concerned about the batteries of their devices in almost every corner of the globe. It is mainly because some myths, battery theories are largely followed by the people that have nothing to do with reality as based on hearsay or half truth.

Five most common battery myths are being debunked in the following:

Myth 1: Overcharging / Overnight Charging

The majority of us believe overcharging or overnight charging destroys battery life, but it doesn’t happen actually because most devices protect batteries from overcharging.

Smartphones are smart enough to stop the charging when it is full, so no harm in this case because your device cuts off power automatically once completely charged.

Myth 2: Draining Battery before Charging Up Again

Draining your battery before charging it up again does have the adverse effects on the battery in actual rather than being a useful tip.

The daily practice of draining battery reduces its effectiveness over time so beware of the consequences.

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Myth 3: Fully Charge the Battery before using for the first time

When you buy a new device, you don’t need to charge the battery full before using it for the first time.

It was considered once that fully charging your battery before first-time use calibrates it, but today most batteries of smartphones or latest devices calibrate themselves, so no need to waste your time.

Myth 4: Don’t Use your device while battery charging up

Is using your phone while its battery charging up really prohibited? Not at all, this myth is based on a few exceptions in which phone blew up in someone’s hand or face because of using when the charger was plugged in (caused by huge electric current variation).

You can make a call and use other applications at charging time; it might heat up your device due to excessive use of processor as expected, but does not damage your battery.

Myth 5: Third party charger damages your battery

A lot of people believe that a third party charger damages the battery, but it is a wrong perception.

A number of reliable third party chargers are out there in the market that obviously does not charge as well and fast as real propriety charger, but don’t damage the batteries.

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