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Weight loss and weight gain always seep into table conversations one way or another. But the one question to which most don’t have an answer to is how some people do not gain weight at all.

Despite eating unhealthy and having significant calorie excess in a day, they maintain their regular measurements. Have you ever envied that kind of person? 

Well, here’s your insider info on how they do it!

1. Don’t Be In A Rush

Take it slow. Most people who are slim and fit have this quality – intentionally or unintentionally – that they eat slow. People who chew more while eating at a slower pace do not tend to gain much weight. This is because it is more likely that their brain will signal their body sooner that they are full. This way, they eat less and still feel full. 

Intermittent fasting
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Similar techniques are found in the ancient Hindu and Chinese teachings.

2. Don’t Underestimate Sleep

Cortisol is a hormone that instigates hunger and makes it difficult for the body to metabolize carbs and fats. Lack of Sleep or improper sleep results in higher production of this hormone. As a consequence, you feel more hungry and have more food. Higher levels of cortisol do more harm to your body than good. 

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3. It’s All About NEAT!

NEAT is not a reference to being a clean freak. NEAT is an acronym for Non-exercise Activity Thermogenesis. It doesn’t sound straightforward, but in layman terms, it’s about the body movements that don’t qualify as traditional and conventional exercises. 

For instance, you are walking around while talking on the phone or twirling your fingers while sitting. These two examples are of NEAT, and according to the American Council on Exercise, they increase your metabolism by up to 50%! That is a considerable percentage, and you get to have that by doing minimal exercise.

4. Hormones Play A Great Role

Leptin is a hormone that signals to your brain, whether you have enough energy or not to perform the routine tasks. Thin people have a higher leptin sensitivity or production, which makes it easier for them to lose weight and control cravings too.

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While you can try a few of these tricks, it’s essential to know the rest are out of your control and dependent on your genes. In the end, it’s about loving your body and treating it right!

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