Refreshing, flavorsome and efficacious; Qarshi Jam- e- Shirin has always been a popular household name in Pakistan. The syrupy summer thirst-quencher is no less than a staple and is a must-have item at Iftar during the holy month of Ramadan.

Its versatile blend of fruits, herbs and flowers is an invigorating combination that suits every taste bud. There will be hardly a soul who will not fall in love with the delicacy of the sweet laal sherbet.

Apart from serving it as a simple water mix, you can use the exquisite concoction of Jam- e- Shirin in sorbets, cold desserts and a variety of milk-based items.

Check out these innovative ways you can satisfy your sweet tooth with Qarshi Jam-e-Shirin  in Ramadan!


Take your regular milkshake recipe to a whole new level by mixing it up with Qarshi Jam- e- Shirin. Not only is it super healthy, it will also boost up your hydration levels in Ramadan.

It is fairly simple to make –  Take a look at how you can make it below :

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Whip up a heavenly glass of Falooda with Qarshi Jam- e- Shirin and indulge in perfection! You will adore the taste of ice-cream scoops coupled with the rose flavored marvel.

All you will need is basil seeds, milk. vermicelli sticks (Falooda sev), ice cream and Jam- e- Shirin to make a classic cup of Falooda. We bet you will keep craving for more of this goodness!

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Water Melon Slush

Water melon is a refreshing fruit composed of almost 90 % of water and packed with nutrients and anti oxidants. We are so lucky to have watermelons in season this Ramadan to keep us hydrated while fasting.

So why not prepare a jug of watermelon slush for yourself in Iftar? It goes great with the unique sweetness of Qarshi Jam- e- Shirin.

See how to prepare Watermelon slush, the Qarshi Jam- e- Shirin way!

Fruit Chaat

What is Iftar without fruit chaat? You can take the juicy and flavorful fruit salad up a notch by topping it with Qarshi Jam- e- Shirin. Perfectly simple and very delicious!

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