4 Ads That Weren't Supposed To Go On Air During The Pandemic
Source: AdAge

The coronavirus has got people panicking across the world. From stockpiling to boycotting social gatherings, it’s all happening! As the spread of COVID-19 continues, the way we go on about our daily lives has changed in many ways.

Due to the current sensitivity surrounding COVID-19, various brands have been called out as being ‘irresponsible’ for airing campaigns that were probably scheduled before the pandemic. Some of these campaigns are said to encourage behavior that would lead to the spread of the virus. Sadly, it seems like the brands couldn’t have chosen a worse time to air these campaigns. However, most of them have now been pulled off the air, keeping in mind the negative feedback they received.

Below are some of the ads that weren’t supposed to go on air during the pandemic:


ASOS released its new product, the chainmail facemasks before the pandemic, but has now been called insensitive by users. They had promoted the masks saying, “Festival season/flu season/dealing with close-talkers, meet your fave new year-round piece.” The retail brand has now taken the campaign off the air after receiving backlash on social media.

2. Geico

Geico has confirmed that it has pulled a spot called “Perfect High Five.” The brand was called out for airing this campaign as it showed the opposite of social distancing. Consumers criticized the brand saying, “It seems like Geico does not care about the pandemic.”

Geico’s Perfect High Five Commercial

3. Lysol

Cleaning products have been facing a shortage since the pandemic began. After people have hoarded a large number of Lysol wipes and spray sanitizers, consumers felt the latest ads by Lysol was insensitive. Not only are the products scarce, but the ads are driving up demand too!

Lysol’s ad with the little boy and his runny nose is still broadcasted on tv and online!

4. Axe

Axe’s ‘Don’t Overthink It’ campaign, meant to be aired for the NBA Championship, has now been pulled off the air. The ad showed a man imagining his stinky armpits caused a crowd in a basketball arena to run away in fear. Airplane style oxygen masks drop down for people to use for their protection. Pretty wrong-timed during the ongoing pandemic where people are using masks as a compulsory safety measure!

Axe Don’t Overthink It!


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