While the whole world is bombarding their social media accounts with all types of selfies, how can our Pakistani cricketers stay behind!  Honestly, we love our cricket superstars in the field but when it comes to taking pictures, somebody needs to give them serious selfie-taking lessons.

Apparently, cricket celebrities commit front camera crimes ten times worse than normal people and should think twice before hitting share.

We have compiled a collection of extremely hilarious and ridiculous selfies taken by our Pakistani cricketers that are bound to make you laugh out loud. Watch out, some of them might even scare you. You have been warned!

Check Junaid Khan’s height of self-obsession in this selfie


Apparently, Umar Gul has a love affair with car selfies.

umar gul

umar gul 3

umar gul 5

umar gul 6


He makes these crazy faces we so don’t want to see.

umar gul 2


umar gul 4

Ahmed Shehzad takes more selfies than the all the Kardashians put together


He channeled his inner Miley Cyrus with this pose.


But then made it all Halal with these Muslim selfies.

ahmed 2


ahmed shehzad 3

Some one needs to take away this guy’s phone and tell him to button up his shirt.

shehzad 10

Haye Rey Meri Selfiyaaan should have featured Ahmed Shehzad and his signature poses!


ahmed 3



Kamran Akmals‘ selfies are not for the fainthearted.

kamran akmal

Clicking+ No Thinking= A Dumb Selfie

kamran akmal

Dear Umar Akmal, Sometimes you just don’t put these things out there!

uamr akmal

The “I am trying really hard to be classy, but I actually look super silly” selfie

umar akmal 2

When he ripped off Ronaldo’s hair style and assumed he looked like him.

umar akmal

So painfully cringe-worthy, it will hurt your eyes!


Even Shahid Afridi is not sure of being in a selfie with Umar Akmal

shahid and umar

Fawad Alam seems determined to scare the hell out of everyone.

fawad alam 2

Looks like he emptied the entire hair gel tube for this slick look.

fawad alam

Meanwhile, Sohail Tanveer has sworn he will never smile in any of the selfies.


sohail tanveer.jpg2

sohail tanveer

sohail tanveer 2

sohail tanveer

But wait, he accidentally did for this one!

group selfie
Presenting you the power selfie couple, the unbeatable duo of Ahmed and Shahid!
afridi ahmed

The Fault in our Cricketers


Check them take their bromance to the next level in this selfie.


When Wahab Riaz cut his own self out from this groupie

wahab roaz


Posing with the ICC World Cup 2015 trophy that they all failed miserably to get.


The time when Lala said, ” Chal beta selfie ley ley rey“!





Stay tuned for some more hilarious selfies of our Pakistani cricket stars!

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