Karachi, the backbone of Pakistan, is the 7th most populous and largest metropolitan cities in the world. Even though the city has glorified in all its beauty and charm over the years, the old Karachi was truly worth admiring. Away from all the hustle bustle of the busy town during the day and an even busier nightlife, resided a peaceful, serene and a very calm Karachi, reminisced by many, even today!

The time period between the 30’s till the 70’s can fittingly be termed as the ‘Golden Era’ of Karachi. The city was truly a sight to see! It exuded a beautiful blend of rich architectural heritage and culture that could not have been ignored by any eye that was set upon it.

20 Iconic Karachi Landmarks: Then & Now

Here are some beautiful vintage shots of the most iconic locations of the old Karachi. View and admire away! 

1. State Bank Karachi

State Bank Karachi in the 1950s

2. Victoria Road in the 50’s

Victoria Road (Abdullah Haroon Road) in the 1950s

3. 3 Talwar

Three Swords Area, Karachi in 1974

4. Clifton, Karachi

A beautiful shot of Clifton Karachi in the 50s & 60s

5. Karachi Airport in the 50’s

6. Frere Hall & Statue of Queen Victoria

Frere Hall & Statue of Queen Victoria in 1952, Jinnah Garden Karachi

7. Beach Luxury Hotel, Karachi

Beach Luxury Hotel in the 1950’s

8. Bohri Bazaar

Bohri Bazaar in the 1970’s

9. Boulton Market

Boulton Market in the early 1930’s

10. Clifton Gardens

11. Clifton Beach

Clifton Beach in the 1960s & 1970s

12. Central Hotel, Karachi

Central Hotel Karachi back in 1950

13. Carlton Hotel

Carlton Hotel in 1940

14. Bunder Road

Bunder Road-MA Jinnah Road in 1964

15. A serene shot of Karachi in 1963

A serene shot of Karachi on a hot day in 1963

16. Hawkes Bay Beach, Karachi

Hawkes Bay Beach in the 1960s

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17. Mcleod Road, Karachi

Mcleod Road (Now known as I.I Chundrigarh Road) Karachi in the 1950s

18. Hotel Metropole, Karachi

Metropole Hotel in all it’s glory back in the 1960’s. A landmark that turned into history!

19. Pearl Continental Hotel (then Intercontinental Hotel)

Pearl Continental Hotel in the 1970s- hasn’t changed much has it?

20. St. Patrick’s Church Cathedral

St. Patrick’s Church Cathedral in the 1950s

21. Karachi Municipal Corporation Building

Karachi Municipal Corporation Building on MA Jinnah Road Karachi in the year 1952

22. Karachi Gym Khana

Karachi Gym Khana in the early 1920s- can you believe it?

23. Karachi Airport in the 70’s

Karachi Airport in 1970s

24. Karachi University

A rare shot of Karachi University in the 1970s

25. Lea Market Karachi in 1950

Lea Market in the 1950’s- The market was named after Measham Lea, a British engineer who had served in Karachi extensively.

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26. Lea Market in 1963

A rare shot of a busy day in Lea Market in 1963

27. Karachi Railway Station

A train at Karachi Railway Station in 1979

28. PIDC Signal, Karachi

PIDC Signal in the 1970s during the day

29. The Taj Hotel (Regent Plaza)

The Taj Hotel in 1983, now known as the Regent Plaza.

30. Elphinstone Street in 1940

The Elphinstone Street in the year 1940. The street is now called the Zaibunnissa Street

31.  A street scene in Karachi in the 1940s

A street scene in Karachi in 1964 with a tram and a camel cart in one picture- trams were a local network of inner city trains in Karachi. The Karachi tramway history spans 90 years (1885-1975). The tram service was closed in 1975 due to many accidents.

32. Habib Bank in 1963, Karachi


33. A roadside dentist in Karachi

A rare shot of a roadside dentist in Karachi

34. Empress Market in 1930

An old and rare picture of empress market Karachi in the year 1930

35. Abdullah Shah Ghazi Mausoleum at Clifton Karachi

A very old image of Abdullah Shah Ghazi Mausoleum at Clifton Karachi in the early 1900s

Image Courtesy: Vintage Pakistan & Native Pakistan

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