Like all of us, our favorite Pakistani celebrities are also addicted to Snapchat. From sharing smart selfies, funny filters and behind- the- scene shenanigans; these superstars have totally mastered the art of snapping!

Want to have a sneak peak of their glamorous life and how real they can get?

To make your life easier, we’ve rounded up the top Pakistani celebrities that you must follow on Snapchat and spice up your social media life forever!

Check them all out here!

Top 18 Bollywood Celebrities to Follow on Snapchat

1) Daniyal Zafar

Username: DanyalZafar


A post shared by Danyal Zafar (@danyalzee) on

2) Sara Haider

Username: sarahaiderlive

One of those mornings

A post shared by Sara Haider (@sarahaiderlive) on


3) Osman Khalid Butt

Username: aClockworkObi

Kitni frankness hai maa betay mai (DeD ref!)

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4) Hareem Farooq

Username: hareem.farooq 

5) Waqar Zaka

Username: waqarzaka

6) Imran Abbas

Username: imranabbasnaqvi

7) Hania Amir

Username: thehaniaaamir

Puppy filter is my constant. While ubering in London

A post shared by Hania Aamir (@haniaheheofficial) on

8) Ali Rehman Khan

Username: alirehmankhan

9) Bilal Ashraf

Username: iambilalashraf

10) Noor Hassan

Username: Noorohassan

Another day, another memory! @ssarakhan

A post shared by Noor Hassan (@inoorhassan) on

11) Furqan Qureshi

Username: furqankqureshi


A post shared by Furqan Qureshi (@furqankqureshi) on

12) Urwa Hocane

Username: Urwatistic

Morning Lovers ! ☀️😌

A post shared by URWA Tul Wusqua HOCANE (@urwatistic) on

13) Aiman Khan

Username: aimankhan2

Have a good day! ❤️

A post shared by AIMAN KHAN (@aimankhan.official) on

14) Minal Khan

Username: Minalkhan9

15) Sabeeka Imam

Username: sabeekaimam

Waking up in Sri Lanka #BedHead

A post shared by Sabeeka Imam (@sabeekaimam) on

16) Sanam Chaudhry

Username: sanamchauhdry

We at @aq_fitness !! When my strength is around @inoorhassan ✌🏼️💪🏻

A post shared by sanam chauhdry (@sanamchauhdry) on

17) Mehreen Syed

Username: MehreenSyed

18) Sohai Ali Abro

Username: sohaialiabro

Monday blues 🤓😩💤 #cantgetoverthisfilter #nomakeup #literally #lol #uglyisthenewpretty 👊🏻

A post shared by Sohai Ali Abro (@sohaialiabroofficial) on


19) Wahab Riaz

Username: wahabviki

Best feeling after training is to get a hug by ur princess while taking a nap .

A post shared by Wahab Riaz (@wahabviki) on

20) Nadia Hussain

Username: nadiahussain_nh

Good morning peeps

A post shared by Nadia Hussain (@nadiahussainofficial) on

21) Shoaib Malik

Username: realshoaibmalik

22) Shumaila Bhatti aka Desi Bombshell

Username: desi.bombshells

23) Mawra Hocane

Username: mawra

Darling Harbour with my Daaaaaaleeeenz!! 😘😘😘 @sarahaizad1 @komnomnom #LOVE 💋

A post shared by MAWRA 🏆 (@mawrellous) on

24) Umair Jaswal

Username: umair.j

Karachi!!!! Let's do this

A post shared by Umair Jaswal (@umairjaswalofficial) on

25) Faryal Makhdoom Khan

Username: Faryalxmakhdoom

Goodnight Scotland 💙

A post shared by Faryal Makhdoom Khan (@faryalmakhdoom) on

26) Aiza Khan

Username: ayezakhan


A post shared by Aiza Danish ★ (@iaizakhan) on

27) Anoushey Ashraf

Username: anoushey

Running fever! Cold and flu. And this is what I do!! #aboutlastnight #ibeCrazy #lotsofwork #anousheyashraf #snapchat

A post shared by Anoushey Ashraf (@anousheyashraf) on

28) Uzair Jaswal

Username: uzairjaswal

Too sunny to keep your eyes open… #islamabadwhysohot? 🎥

A post shared by Uzair Jaswal (@uzairjaswalofficial) on

29) Sajal Aly

Username: SajalAly

#currentmood 😶

A post shared by Sajal Ali Firdous (@sajalaly) on

30) Noor Bhatti

Username: nooraybhatti

Candid Moment by my love @sanabhatti5 📸 #nooray #pakistan #whensisterslovetoshowlove #noorbhatti #sanabhatti

A post shared by Noor Bhatty (@noor_bhatti) on


We will keep updating you snapchat usernames of more celebrities. Stay tuned!

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