The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has its eyes on every channel! Nobody is safe from the media watchdog. The minute any network puts a toe out of line, PEMRA hits back with a warning, sometimes a hefty fine and even a ban!

This time its target became not one, but three leading channels of Pakistan! And well we don’t blame PEMRA for issuing a notice to all the channels.

After all, they broadcasted content that was extremely inappropriate for audiences of all age groups!

So the first channel is HUM TV who aired these controversial scenes in drama’ Kitni Girhain Baqi Hain’

As per PEMRA, the scene was “against commonly accepted social values”

And Geo too offended camera via these obscene clips!

According to PEMRA “No content is aired which ‘depicts behaviour such as smoking, alcohol consumption, narcosis and drug abuse'”

The last one is ARY Communications, who dared to broadcast a steamy lip lock scene of Van Wilder: Freshman Year on HBO.

PEMRA says that it was clearly “indecent, obscene or pornographic” for audiences.

Read PEMRA’s complete notice here!

Sadly, no body is in favor of PEMRA’s decision.

Twitter is on fire with anti-PEMRA tweets!

Everybody is thinking PEMRA’s twitter account is hacked!

People are questioning the watch-dog for tweeting offensive videos!

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