A television commercial if executed well can bring a social change and express the message with clarity and vividness. Pakistan is fortunate to have had such creative thinkers in the past who created avenues for producing such TVC’s that were realistic, had a slice of life appeal and articulated the message with simplicity.

Do you remember the popular jingle ‘Aye Allah Meray Abbu Salamat rahain’ from State Life insurance’s TVC from the yesteryear? And how about ‘Meri Mutthi Main Band Hai Kia?’ The uber-catchy jingle from Naz Paan Masala’s commercial? These TVC’s incorporated elements of color, music and focused on the product’s benefits and attributes without wasting the viewer’s time. They were simple and became popular amongst households.

The Iconic Ad by Naz Paan Masala!

With the advent of technology and adopting new and improved ways of producing advertisements, animation soon became an important part of production houses. However, even before there was the Internet or 3D animation, Dentonic’s 2D animated ad aired on Pakistan Television during the 1980s that showed a human figure setting up a billboard while a monkey laughs at him when he fails to do so.

The Dentonic 2D Animated Ad That Was Way Ahead of its Time! 

However, in recent times, Pakistani production houses have gauged the importance of animated ads for they cut through the competition and disseminate product and service information that etches itself in the viewer’s mind.

Milkateer was one production that educated the masses on the benefits of using tetra packed milk by showing the tussle between protagonists Zain and Fiza and the evil group led by ‘Kharoos Ustaad’ who was shown mixing water in milk causing illnesses among children.

The Campaign, ‘Milkateer’ was a huge success!

Cocomo a product by Candyland released another hit animated TVC that stirred the emotions of children by showing a tussle between kids and a group of kidnappers.

Cocomo’s Animated Episode Gauged Major Viewership!

Beverage Brand, Qarshi entered the competition when they launched the TVC ‘Jam e Shirin – Nature Power’

Dettol joined the race with the Dettol Warrior TVC featuring Shahid Afridi as a Dettol Fighter. It too proved a success and with a celebrity endorsement, Dettol enjoyed massive popularity among children and teenagers.

Dettol Warriors TVC ft Shahid Afridi Became a Huge Success

However, among all recently produced 3D animated TVCs, it is perhaps Commander Safeguard which has had the most mileage in terms of brand recall and brand positioning. Developed by IAL Saatchi & Saatchi and Post Amazers.

Commander Safeguard and His Enemy Dirtoo Have Become a Household Name

The TVC series having multiple seasons with the first episode being aired in January 2005. It gained popularity due to its detailed characterization and animation.

We have yet to see where Pakistan’s 3D animated TVCs will be heading to in the future but one thing is for sure, they are definitely moving towards the right decision.

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Content Contributed by, Muhammad Omar Iftikhar.
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