Mini heart attacks only happen when something so petty or seemingly harmless can compel our hearts to skip a beat or two. Most of us can relate to the momentary tortures these moments inflict.

Let’s see how many have happened to you already:

1. When you rollover in your sleep and can’t find your phone under the covers

Shocked-Girl-GIF (1)

2. When you stand up too quickly and your phone crash lands on the floor from your lap


3. When the washroom floor is too slippery and you try to dance to maintain your balance

giphy (5)

4. When you’re unaware that your earphones are still plugged into your laptop and you stand up


5. When you dip your favorite biscuit in your chai and it vanishes into the depths of your cup – never to be seen again


6. When you stalk your ex on social media living the life

giphy (3)

7. When you hit your toe or pinky on the bed post


8. When your teacher announces a surprise quiz and you need to pass the semester


9. When your significant other starts talking about a future together….with a wedding and four kids


10. When you miss a step climbing down the stairs and hang onto the banister to normalize your breathing

giphy (6)

11. When you almost drop your phone in the toilet

dean crying

12. When you forward a text to the person it was about


13. When your monthly bank details arrive *gulp*


14. When you find out all the printers at the university are out of ink…

giphy (4)

15. When you find out the presentation you made and saved in your USB is showing the corrupt file error


16. When you trip and almost drop your perfectly brewed cup of tea


17. When you find out the answer to question 4 wasn’t -2.890245 but 128


18. When you realize you overslept and your alarm was on silent mode the entire time

giphy (1)

19. When you’re stalking someone on social media and you end up liking their picture from 5 years ago by mistake


20. When you think it’s 6’o clock but it’s actually 3 hours more until you can leave work


21. When you forget to press ‘Send’ on an important work email and it ends up in drafts


22. When you learn that you trashed the client in a chain email thread


23. When you thought you brought your wallet to the Khaadi sale… but you actually forgot it at home…


24. When some heavy set person steps on your toes for a full minute


25. When your crush tells you they like someone and are about to reveal who it is


26. When you’re taking a shower during winter and the water stops running


27. When you come across someone cute but you realize that you look like a bedraggled cat


What are some of your mini heart attack moments? Let us know in the comments below!

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