265 fake Indian Website
Image; EU DisinfoLab

A European NGO just crackdown 256 fake news websites promoting Indian Propaganda against Pakistan. Serving India’s aim to tarnish Pakistan’s image globally.

EU DisinfoLab is a small NGO focusing on tackling and researching disinformation campaigns in the region, targetting member countries, core values, and institutions.

DisinfoLab found many local news websites serving Indian interests in defaming Pakistan for minorities right, national interset and Pakistan’s role in Kashmir.

EU DisinfoLab disclosed the names of the websites that were publishing a huge number of negative articles for Indian NGOs, think tanks and influencers.

In October this year, DisinfoLab surprisingly discover that eptoday.com, a self-claimed online magazine for European Parliament in Brussels has been re-publishing a bulk of news from Russia Today and Voice of America. That content was mainly about the negative image of Pakistan.

Later, a task force at EU DisinfoLab discovered that eptoday.com is managed by Indian stakeholders ties back to a big network of think tanks, NGOs and companies from the Srivastava group. This group shares an IP address with Times of Dehli and another website.

That’s not all, even the online newspaper ” Times of Geneva” was publishing the same content as EP Today. EU DisinfoLab further disclosed that Times of Geneva and EP Today are also linked with organizations like the European Organization for Pakistani Minorities and Pakistani Women Human Rights Organization.

The EU DisinfoLab’s discoveries were not only shocking but very well planned and executed. Both networks were lobbing the negative propaganda, from Brussel to European Union and from Geneva to the United Nations.

This cyber mission to tarnish the image of Pakistan in front of the global community has been going from years, almost a decade in the case of EP Today. This research is an eye-opener and how our neighbor is luring international media for its interest.

What do you guys think about this research done by EU DisinfoLab? Tell us in the comments below.

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