14th August, Pakistan’s Independence Day just passed us by and the country’s celebration of the day was not the same as past years.

Perhaps a part of that is owed to the Indo-Pak tension over the Kashmir issue that is currently the bone of contention. However, we received a very good news yesterday and it is safe to say that it has truly lifted our Pakistani spirit.


Zahab Kamal Khan, the girl who won Sindh Squash Championships 6 times in a row, took to her social media accounts to announce that she has recently been honored with 2 American awards:

Youth Leadership Award and Sports Woman Award.

Have a look at her post:

Here is what she said as she shared her achievement with her fans and followers:

Happy Independence Day to Pakistan I am so proud to be a Pakistani .Today is a very special day for me . Invited In Governor House CT and it’s an honor and privilege to receive a Leadership Award.

I feel great after receiving this award from Saud Anwar Senate District 3, Consul General Ayesha Ali, Susan bysiewicz lieutenant governor Connecticut, Officer of the attorney general William tong, Zaheer shareef Pakistani American community president.

People from all over the country are celebrating her achievement and congratulating her.

We are proud to have a talented young girl like Zahab in Pakistan and wish her all the best for the future.

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