Pakistan Army

The second set of Female Engagement Team (FET), of the Pakistan Army, has joined the United Nations Organization Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo (MONUSCO).

South Kivu Province Governor, Theo proposed the Members of the United Nations Organization Stabilization Mission (MONUSCO)’s Female Engagement Team (FET) with the UN medal at a sermon in South Kivu.

The UN medal is granted for inclusion in military and law operations that comprise peacekeeping, humanitarian efforts, and disaster solace.

This group of officers comprises 21 officers and encompasses vocational training officers, psychologists, doctors, paramedics, operations officers, and software engineers.

A squad of 15 female officers is already deployed in Adikivuin South Kivu, one of the regions of DR Congo, a central African country.

UN Peacekeepers majorly rely on committing with the local community – which feels safer liaising and sharing information with military troops that encompass women alongside men, the UN mission announced.

The Pakistani team has established a record for enforcing prosperous projects including vocational training, medical outreach and regular sessions of support for various sections of society.

Belonging to sectors such as students, local women, and teachers who were exposed to trauma along with conducting psychological workshops for Congolese police personnel.

Some of FET’s roles include:

  • Building enormous trust within the local community
  • Improving local women’s engagement at
  • Delivering psychological support to local women
  • Delivering understanding sessions for women regarding health, female empowerment and self-protection
  • Giving vocational training such as sewing, embroidery, first aid, computer skills
  • Establishing medical camps in/or near villages to deliver free health care especially to youngsters and women.
  • Providing training to female staff of the National Police and Army to improve their professional capacity.

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